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GP, RW Posiepurrs Jacaranda

This is the story of a person’s dreams and goals; some fulfilled — and some not quite reached. It is the story of how a cat breeder learned that one judge’s opinion is just that — only an opinion. It is a story of a golden Persian’s effort to earn the title Grand of Distinction title in CFA. This is the story of GC, RW Posiepurrs Jacaranda.


My name is Lynda Smith and my cattery is Posiepurrs located in the state of Massachusetts, USA. In 1991 my husband gifted me with a lovely Himalayan; my very first pedigreed cat. I attended a few cat shows and thought that it looked like fun. I knew after seeing the cats at the show that as pretty as my girl was in MY eyes. she would never be a show cat. I decided to get another kitty — one that I could show. That’s when I saw a photo of a shaded silver Persian and it was love at first sight. I had to have a silver!

On our silver wedding anniversary, my husband told me to start looking for a kitten. It took a few months until I found a beautiful little silver kitten from Sally and Jim of RDreams Persians. Since I am also an avid gardener and certified master gardener, in choosing a cattery name I decided to combine my two passions of flowers and cats . . . and so Posiepurrs was born.

My Golden Boy

Time passed and I became a cat breeder.

In April of 2011, my shaded silver queen, CH Posiepurrs Lotus, gave birth to a litter of 3 kittens — 2 silvers and a single golden boy. The golden was the largest kitten in the litter, far outweighing his siblings. When I first saw him I thought he was something special. Of course, I think we all feel that with our kittens.

Jack’s Sire: GC Rdreams Golden Bamboo of Posiepurrs (Shaded Golden) as a kitten (Photo by Chanan)
Jack’s dam, CH Posiepurrs Lotus. (Shaded Silver)

As the golden boy grew, it became apparent that he was a real ‘people cat’. He was smart and outgoing. He even played fetch for my son. I named him Posiepurrs Jacaranda, Jack for short. I couldn’t wait to get him in the show ring, believing that he was going to do so well.

Baby Jack

A Disastrous Debut

We exhibit in North Atlantic Region 1 of the Cat Fanciers Association. Even though it is one of the largest and most competitive regions in CFA, I had high hopes as I entered Jack as a kitten in the Damn Yankees in Groton, Connecticut.

The weekend was a disaster. Jack didn’t do anything in the rings and I had a very rude awakening indeed.

One judge even questioned Jack’s color! The judge said that while Jack was a lovely kitten and deserved to be shown, he was NOT a shaded golden but was a golden tabby — which is not even an accepted color in CFA! I was told if I wanted to show Jack I should petition the breed council to accept golden tabbies. I was dumbfounded.

I politely disagreed with the judge, as did another much more experienced golden exhibitor who happened to be at the show, all to no avail. The judge insisted that Jack’s color was wrong.

I took Jack home. I was devastated. I doubted my ability to recognize the proper color of a shaded golden. I doubted my ability to judge if a cat was worthy of being shown. Based on that judge’s comments, I had Jack neutered. He would remain our treasured and pampered pet.

Jack at his first show as a kitten

A Second Look

Time passed… I began posting photos of Jack on the breeders forums I belonged to. He continued to develop and matured into a beautiful adult. The other silver and golden breeders all encouraged me to show him once again.

On February 4, 2012, I took him to the Nutmeg show in Connecticut. I was understandably hesitant — and prepared to be disappointed again… and embarrassed. Jack made EVERY final in the show including a 5th Best Premier and 10th Best Premier as well as Best and 2nd Best Long Hair Premier! He earned his first Grand points and made his first finals as an Open!

We floated home on Cloud 9!

A New Grand

Our next show was in Pennsylvania… and just to make it more interesting, the same judge who originally questioned Jack’s color was also judging at the show.

I toyed with the idea of not putting Jack in that judge’s ring, but my friend encouraged me to go ahead and see what would happen. This time the judge did not question Jack’s color. In fact, Jack made every final at the show — including Best Long Hair Premier in that judge.s ring!

I was walking on air.

It isn’t easy traveling to shows from our home. We entered shows close enough to me so I didn’t have to lose time from work. The Grand points were adding up. When the Half Moon show in August rolled around I debated on taking him since he had lost coat due to the summer heat. I decided to go ahead and enter him. Even without coat he made 2 Best Cats! Those took him very close to granding! He went into the next show needing 5 points.

Our next show was Damn Yankees, the same show of his disastrous kitten debut — just a year later. Jack made 4 finals that weekend, including 2 Best AB Premiers giving him more than enough to add the title of Grand Premier to his name. What a difference a year makes! GP Posiepurrs Jacaranda became my first homebred Grand!

GP Posiepurrs Jacaranda (Photo by L. Johnson)

A New Goal: The Grand of Distinction

It occurred to me to try for the relatively new title being offered by CFA — the Grand of Distinction or GoD. Jack would need to earn 30 finals for each of 3 seasons to add GPD to his name.

So we hit every show that we could possibly get to, which was difficult since so many of our local shows were no more.

In December we were off to the Dixieland Silver and Golden Cat Fanciers Show, the specialty show for his breed and color division. It went very well for us, Jack made 8 finals overall and was one of three cats (a kitten, Champion and Premier) in the Best of the Best competition.

Judge Pam Bassett of PaJean Persian fame handled Jack for Best of the Best competition at the Dixieland Silver and Golden Cat Fanciers Show 2013.
Jack is chosen as the Best Silver/Golden Persian Premier in the show!

Jack finished the year with several finals more than the 30 required to qualify the season for his GoD title. One season down; two to go.

Season Two: 2014-15

The second show season was tougher for Jack. He still made finals at every show, with the exception of our regional show. By the time the end of the season rolled around, Jack was the 22nd Highest Scoring Premier in our region — a Regional Winner!

Not too shabby for a cat only shown 8 times in the entire season!

GP, RW Posiepurrs Jacaranda was not only my first homebred Grand, but now also my first Regional Winner!

His quest for the GoD was on the track, but he needed to make several finals at the last show of the season to reach the 30 finals needed for the season to qualify for his GoD. Jack knew how to keep me on tenterhooks. He made his 30th final of the season in the last ring of the last day of the show! And he did it in style — he was chosen Best Cat!

Two seasons successfully completed; one more to go…

Photo by L. Johnson

Season Three: 2015-16

Our third year got a late start. We couldn’t get out to our first show until August. The show was not a huge success for us with just two finals.

It was a difficult year. Few shows were close enough for me to drive to — and I was not able to take time off from work to travel farther afield. The deck seemed stacked against us.

Jack was always ready to play.

Jack was great during all of this stress and loved the attention given by spectators. I, on the other hand, was a basket case.

We entered the last show of the season still needing 3 AB finals to make it to the magic number needed.

I could only get a single day off from work and I wasn’t feeling well either. Friends tried to arrange to take Jack to the first day of the show for me (4+ hours away), but the time line just didn’t work out. He wouldn’t make it to the first day of the show. I decided to show on the Sunday — so off we went.

Jack needed three AB finals… but only made one. It was simply not meant to be. He missed the GoD requirement by just 2 AB finals. He did not add the Grand of Distinction title to his name. Had he earned those last two AB finals, Jack would have been the first cat from the Silver/Golden Persian division to earn the GoD title.

Over the three show seasons we worked towards the Grand of Distinction title, Jack made more than a hundred finals, including multiple times being chosen as Best Cat. While obviously deserving of the GPD title, he will not be out to try for it again. I feel he has earned his right to retire and just be a cat.

Jack has given me so much throughout his show career. While showing him, I learned how to handle both victories and disappointments with grace. I learned that judges are human and can make mistakes. I enjoyed wonderful friendships and the camaraderie of many Silver and Golden Persian breeders in CFA.

GP, RW Posiepurrs Jacaranda, my beloved Jack, is my first homebred Grand… and my first Regional Winner. He is and will always be My Golden Boy.

GP, RW Posiepurrs Jacaranda
Photo by L. Johnson
Jack as a young adult
Photo by Chanan

Jack’s Sire:GC Rdreams Golden Bamboo of Posiepurrs (Shaded Golden)

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GP, RW Posiepurrs Jacaranda

Shaded Golden Neuter

CFA’s Best Silver and Golden Premier 2012-2013
CFA North Atlantic Region’s Best Silver and Golden Premier 2012 -2013
CFA’s Best Silver/Golden Premier Dixieland Silver and Golden Cat Fanciers Show 2013
CFA’s Best Silver and Golden Premier 2013-2014
CFA North Atlantic Region’s 22nd Best Premier 2013- 2014
2nd Best Silver/Golden Premier Dixieland Silver and Golden Fanciers Show 2014
CFA’s 4th Best Silver and Golden Premier 2014–2015
CFA North Atlantic Region’s Highest Scoring Silver/Golden Premier 2014-2015
CFA North Atlantic Region’s 16th Best Premier 2015-2016

Born: April 22, 2011
Sire: GC Rdreams Golden Bamboo of Posiepurrs (Shaded Golden)
Dam: CH Posiepurrs Lotus.(Shaded Silver)
Breeder/Owner: Lynda Smith