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GC Castlegate’s Blue Falcon

Breed history was made on December 11th, 2011 when GC Castlegate’s Blue Falcon became the first Blue Golden Persian to earn his Grand Champion title in CFA. This history-making Persian is bred, owned and shown by Barbara Bosco of Castlegate Silver & Golden Persians.

Acceptance of the Blue Goldens & Blue Silvers in CFA

Acceptance of the Blue Golden and Blue Silver in CFA was a long journey. Over the course of more than ten years, various proposals to accept the colors were voted on by the Breed Council – and defeated. In much part due to the dedication Pam Martin of Castle Paws Persians, the Blue Golden & Blue Silver colors were accepted and allowed to compete for titles in CFA beginning in May 2009.

The Genetics of the Blue Golden

To really understand the scope of showing and granding the first Blue Golden in CFA, we must look at the genetics involved in simply producing a Blue Golden Persian. Golden kittens have occasionally been born into Silver Persian litters for as long as there have been Silver Persians. Far less frequently has a Blue Golden kitten appeared in a litter. The reason this ethereal color occurs so seldom is a simple case of genetics.

The Golden gene is recessive, meaning that both parents must carry this gene in order to produce a Golden kitten. To produce a Blue Golden offspring means that not only must each parent posses the Golden gene, and pass it to the kitten, but each parent must also carry and pass on the dilute gene to make the Golden blue!

Clearly, it is not easy to find a sire and dam who can fulfill the genetic requirements to simply produce the color Blue Golden. Add to this the difficulty of producing a Blue Golden with the type, boning, body, and a good color necessary to win in the show ring, and you can really appreciate the challenge.

Falcon’s Mom & Her Miracle Baby

Falcon was born to a Shaded Golden father, Castlegate’s Anything Goes, and a Shaded Golden mother. It was a linebreeding…

Sire: Castlegate’s Anything Goes (Shaded Golden Male)

Falcon’s mother is GC RW Castlegate’s Georgie Girl. Falcon was one of three kittens in her first litter. What was most unusual was that she was having her first litter at 5 years of age! Not many cat breeders would keep a female for 5 years, breeding her without her getting pregnant, but Barbara was persistent and determined. She had faith in her girl. And her faith was rewarded with the birth of Falcon – a bit of ‘miracle’ baby.

Dam: GC RW Castlegate’s Georgie Girl Shaded (Golden Female)

The Baby Bird’s Photo Album

Falcon was not the first Blue Golden that Barbara had produced over the years, but she had never had one that looked quite like him. Right from the outset he was a very special boy. He had the same personality as his father and mother – LAIDBACK. She could do anything to him because he was so easy-going. Even when her 100 lb, 10 year old German Shepherd named Nova, would lick his face, Falcon would just close his eyes and enjoy. (Barbara suspects that Nova was just licking extra food off Falcon’s face! Falcon really loves to eat).

4 weeks old
6 weeks old
8 weeks old
3.5 months old
6 months old
7 months old

Shown lightly as a kitten, Falcon took to showing like a maniac! He was more a nut at the shows than at home. He actually, bounces off the cages, chases balls, and basically throws his own party.

New Grand Champion & History Maker

As he approached 8 months of age, Falcon weighed in at a hefty 9 lbs. He had matured beautifully and was ready to take on the big boys. Barbara entered him in the Dixieland Silver & Golden Fanciers show in Concord, North Carolina on December 11th , 2011.

Dixieland is a prestigious CFA show and very unique because it is a Breed show for Silver & Goldens. It certainly is a highlight of any diehard Silver/Golden exhibitor’s show calendar. The quality of silvers and goldens at this show were EXCEPTIONAL, some of the best in the world being shown. The competition and quality were fabulous.

There were 17 Persians present in the Silver/Golden division in Championship. Twelve cats were competing in the champions class being either opens or champions. There were 84 cats present on Saturday with 55 AB champions and 31 of those were LH champions. Sunday there were 48 AB champions with 29 LH champions present. When the smoke cleared Falcon had made 6 finals.

  • Jody Garrison: BEST LH champion, 10th Best Cat
  • Theresa Keiger: Best LH champion, 10th Best Cat
  • Gary Veach: BEST AB Champion, 
  • Douglas Myers: 2nd Best AB Champion
  • Jeri Zottoli: 2nd Best AB Champion
  • Roger Lawrence: 3rd Best A/B Champion

By Sunday afternoon, with 234 points in total, newly crowned GC Castlegate’s Blue Falcon had granded at 8 months and 1 day of age, and by doing so became the first Blue Golden Persian to grand in CFA! He had placed his mark in the history books!


For Barbara, the thing that was most exciting about the show was watching the expressions on the faces of the judges as they handled and judged Falcon… and hearing their comments. Perhaps the proudest moment was when Judge Jeri Zotolli spoke as she gave Falcon his award in her final,

“This is the most exciting cat I have seen in a longtime.”

Judge Zotolli later wrote,

“When we judge so much, once in a while we stumble upon a cat that we find truly exciting. Falcon did that for me, and still does. Such a fine example of a rare color painted on to a beautifully structured Persian.”

What Next?

The final words in this article belong to Falcon’s breeder/owner Barbara Bosco…

“I am more than just excited about producing the first Blue Golden to grand in CFA. I truly hope that GC Castlegate’s Blue Falcon’s accomplishment will encourage all those exhibitors who have a Blue Golden (or Blue Silver) to join the party and show them in CFA. Dare to set your goals high!”

GC Castlegate’s Blue Falcon

Photo Credits: 

  • Candid Photos: Barbara Bosco
  • Show Photos: Larry Johnson

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GC Castlegate’s Blue Falcon

Blue Shaded Golden Persian Male

Birthdate: 04/10/11
Sire: Castlegate’s Any Thing Goes
Dam: GC RW Castlegate’s Georgie Girl
Breeder/Owner: Barbara Bosco
Photo by Larry Johnson