Cats Provide Comfort During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 outbreak has created a lot of stress for many people. Obviously now more than ever, cats (and dogs too) can serve as a valuable source of connection for their human family.

A recent survey of more than 1,000 pet owners revealed that the majority of owners said that their pets were a source of comfort during these uncertain times.

Questions in the survey dealt with three primary themes, including interactions with pets during the pandemic, concerns about COVID-19 and pets, and veterinary care-related topics.

Key findings include:

Pet Interactions

  • 52% of owners said that they are feeling more loved or comforted than usual by their pet.
  • 53% of owners were spending more playtime at home.
  • 36% of owners were taking many more photos or videos of pets to post on social media.
  • 22% revealed that their pets make regular appearances in video calls with coworkers.
  • 39% said they took more frequent dog walks.

COVID-19 Concerns

  • 33% of pet owners are not at all concerned about COVID-19 affecting their pets, with 58% expressing some concern.
  • 21% of dog owners wondered whether their dogs can play with other dogs as long as owners practice safe social distance;
  • 46% asked if coronavirus sticks to pet hair or fur;
  • Many respondents that completed the survey after news broke of the Bronx Zoo tiger that became infected added write-in comments asking about the danger to their own pets.

Veterinary Services and Pet Care

  • 19% of owners reported taking their pet to the vet during the outbreak for a non-emergency visit.
  • 6% of pets experienced an emergency visit to the vet.
  • 82% of owners have a copy of their pet's veterinary records.
  • Only 31% of owners have a pet first aid kit at home.

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