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Wanted: Cat-Friendly Soulmate

It is often difficult to find your soulmate in these modern times. If you own a cat, or cats, finding the right man to share your life with can be an even greater challenge. Ideally, if you’re a cat lover, you want someone who is also a cat lover… or at the very least, someone who understands and accepts how passionate you are about cats.

So, what are some of the signs you should look for in a potential spouse? Here are the top eight tips to help you in your search for the purr-fect cat-friendly guy…

#1: He Has A Cat Of Their Own

When you go out on that first date, look for the most obvious sign that he will be a good fit as a potential spouse – he has a cat of his own. Or two or three. Has he dated other women who owned a cat? If he doesn’t have a cat now, did he have a cat when he was growing up? Does he have a family member who has a cat? Do any of his friends have a cat?

#2: He Can Talk With You About Cats

Even if he has never owned a cat or know anyone who has owned a cat, it is not necessarily a deal-breaker. Try talking about your cats (but not too much on a first date). Is he interested? Or is he quick to change the subject?

#3: Your Cat Likes Him Almost As Much As You Do

If he seems like he is a “possible”, then it is time to introduce him to your feline family. How does he interact with him? Do the cats like him? If your cat settled in his lap and starts purring or if your man pets the silky fur and doesn’t mind hair on his suit, these are all good signs.

Your kitty may not be ready to accept a new man in your life, so allow some time for them to warm up to one another. If your man is willing to get on his hands and knees to talk at cat-level with the kitty hiding under the sofa, that’s another good sign.

#4: Your Fella Likes Your Feline-Themed Decor

Not everyone can appreciate a 7-foot high cat tree in the living room or a clock in the shape of a cat with a wagging tail that swings back and forth every few seconds. He may not be totally “in” to the leopard-spotted print on the carpet in your bedroom or the cat silhouettes that play across your shower curtain, but if your cat decor at least makes him smile, that’s all you really need to ask for.

#5: When He Stays Overnight, The Cat Sleeps On His Side Of The Bed

You’ve been dating for awhile. Your relationship has progressed and you have become intimate. He stays overnight at your place. If your cat actually chooses to curl up on his side of the bed the cat is telling you he will accept your fella as part of the family.

#6: He Participates In Cat-Related Activities

If you celebrate your cat’s birthday and hang a stocking just for Fluffy at Christmas, you will want any potential spouse to be willing to participate in your cat-related celebrations.

If you are involved in breeding or showing your cat, you guy should show some interest, and be willing to at least attend a cat show once or twice. Now, don’t expect the world. He may not stay up all night with you while your cat is having kittens, but he might get up a bit early to bring you a cup of tea and toast in the morning and ask how many kittens she had.

#7: He Helps In A Feline Crisis

If you are having a crisis with one of your cats, will he be there to help? Sickness, emergency surgery or a lost cat are times when it means a lot if a man steps up to the plate. On the other hand, if he is too busy watching baseball on TV, then maybe he is not the man for you.

#8: He Is Willing To Scoop Kitty Litter

Finally, is he willing to scoop the kitty litter? If the answer is yes, then he is definitely a keeper!

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