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The Premier Online Magazine devoted
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Two Is Better Than One

I love my cats. They are my family. They are my passion. They are my life.

What I don’t love is the work that comes with loving cats — scooping, cleaning, feeding, wiping faces, clipping nails, bathing, more cleaning, laundry… you know the drill.

I have, however, developed a system that helps lighten the burden of caring for my furry family. My system is based on the principal that two is better than one. In fact, I try to have two of almost everything.

Litter Boxes

Perhaps my best time saver is that I have two complete sets of litter boxes… so when I am ready to clean one set, I have another set ready to go. I keep the second set of litter boxes on a trolley. The litter pans are filled with litter then stacked ready to go. I just wheel the trolley around picking up “used” litter boxes and placing down the new ones. The old ones are emptied, cleaned, bleached and left out in the sun to dry. When dry, they are filled with litter and stacked, ready to go again when I am.

The cats never miss a beat. And even if I catch a cold or am feeling badly, it only takes a minute to replace the litter boxes, and if I am tired I can always put off actually washing the litter boxes until the next day.

BTW, have multiple litter scoops too.


No, I don’t have two sets of all the necessary medications, but I do have 2 pill poppers, 2 pill crushers and 2 nail clippers. I always have one handy because I have one in the kitchen and one in the grooming room. Giving medications or clipping nails can be done when the opportunity presents itself.


Having combs and brushes in more than one location is also a work saving idea. No running back and forth from the kitchen to the grooming room. I have enough “tools” to keep handy where ever I might need them. I even have nail clippers in a box beside my favorite TV chair. When a kitty comes to purr on my lap, they sometimes get a manicure too.

I have two sets of hair clippers. Both are cordless (Love cordless!). While I only clip in the grooming room, as one clipper gets too hot, I switch out with the other. I never accidentally give a cat a clipper burn. Also, if I drop the clippers (which I have done more than once because of my arthritis in my hands), and the clipper breaks breaks, I have another set to finish the job.

Special mention should be made here of slicker brushes. I have large ones that are used exclusively for combing hair from carpeted cat trees and floor carpets. I have a smaller slicker that I use on the cats.


If you have more than one room where the cats are, it is handy to have several vacuums, mops and pails, garbage cans, cleaners, paper towels and such for each main area. It makes cleaning easier if you only have to go a few steps for a paper towel than if you have to go to a different area of the house to get it.

Cat Beds

I have a HUGE collection of cat beds, blankets and cushions. I like to launder them frequently. It keeps the loose hair count down to a minimum. I have enough cat beds that all the cats have one of their own — and still have the same number clean and ready to act as replacements when the first beds need to be laundered. It makes it very convenient. When the kitties need a clean bed, I don’t necessarily have to wait until I have a convenient time to do laundry. 

When Two Is Not Enough

Of course, there are some things that it is just better to have “lots” of. Bath towels especially come to mind. I go through an enormous number of towels each week. I also have open at any one time (and strategically placed) innumerable boxes of Kleenex (for a quick face wipe).

Have more dishes, plates and water bottles than you will use in the course of an average 3 day period.


Keep two sets of your cattery records. This could mean one set on your computer and one on a back-up disc or in hard copy. It may mean photocopying or scanning all your registrations. You never know when that electrical storm will fry your motherboard.


Two people are better than one when it comes to all cattery chores… so encourage your spouse, human progeny or another cat lover to be involved in your hobby.

Two is always better than one!

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