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Tiffanie Cat In Australia

(Longhaired Burmilla)

Once upon a time in a far flung part of the world there was a handsome Chinchilla Prince and a lively Burmese Princess… in love but forever separated by a forbidding door. One day the Queen of the castle accidentally left the door ajar … and the rest is history.

Soon little “Burmillas” spread all across the land, beautiful little creatures with amazing temperaments, black mascara eye lining and lovely short manageable coats of silver tipped with subtle shades of colour.

Lo and behold, from time-to-time, there appeared a little semi-longhaired version of the Burmilla, all fluffy and gorgeous, and the people rejoiced. A new breed was born — the Tiffanie.

Soon two Burmilla breeders, Colleen Walters and Tina Teasdale, decided that this new little creature was too precious to ignore – so they worked out a breeding program and applied for permission to develop a separate semi-longhair breed calling it the “Australian Tiffanie”. This was later shortened to “Tiffanie” also known as “Longhair Burmillas”.

Within a year, many new breeders came on board and the Silvertails Cat Club was formed to promote the Tiffanie. Today this Club has many registered breeders working together and united in their aims of producing kittens of the highest caliber in terms of health, temperament and beauty.

The Tiffanie (or Longhair Burmilla)

The Tiffanie is a perfect choice for people who love the look of the Chinchilla but don’t want the high maintenance coat of a Persian, and for those who love the Burmese but want a more mellow cat that’s happy to live indoors.

The ‘Look’

Tiffanies most resemble the old style Chinchilla with a slightly longer nose but with the same sweet expression. With incredible apple green color and black mascara type lining, their eyes prompt the question “How long does it take for her to put on her makeup?”

Their luxurious silver coat is tipped or in an ethereal mantle of black, blue, brown, chocolate and lilac and this is complemented by a magnificent plumed tail.


In each litter born, there are kittens that express the temperament from both sides of their ancestry. Some are more laid back like the Chinchilla Persian and some are more outgoing and demanding like the Burmese. Generally, though, their temperament represents a middle ground between the Persian and the Burmese.

For families, apartment dwellers, young couples and single people, the Tiffanie is an excellent choice. Like their Persian ancestors they are quite content to sit on a bed and contemplate their beauty in the mirror… but then their Burmese ancestry surfaces and they will bound around non-stop playing soccer with a ping pong ball.

Highly intelligent, they seem to know when the children are coming home from school or the imminent arrival of their favorite person… and it’s quite usual to find them sitting at the door waiting for a cuddle or hoping for a play. Many owners have found their Tiffanie incredibly easy to clicker train or to teach to walk on a lead.

The Tiffanie has a soft and musical voice with which they let you know what they want, but in a sweet way.

As with most kittens, their curiosity and playfulness with get them into naughty deeds like trying to cover the house in toilet tissue or using Mum’s best leather lounge to sharpen their little claws. This is where you need to enforce some discipline – saying firmly “NO” – but at the same time having a scratching post and lots of toys for distraction, especially whilst you’re at work or the kids are at school.

As adults they’re quite happy at remain home alone, although keeping the TV running as a companion to a single cat is always a good idea. Sibling kittens are the ideal choice if you have the resources since they will bond for life, have constant companionship (ideal for working owners) and give you hours of enjoyment watching their antics.

Coat and Maintenance

The coat of the kittens being produced from the first generation onwards has shown itself to be low maintenance. This means that they need to be groomed regularly – but not necessarily every day.

Grooming any kitten or cat builds up a close bond, saves the buildup of hair on the furniture – and helps prevent hair balls.

With a comb through every three or four days the coat will stay beautiful and silky.

If not groomed it will build up with excess coat but is is less likely to mat than a Persian coat. Clipping the claws, wiping the eyes and ears completes the beauty treatment. An occasional bath is a bonus not a necessity.

The Silvertails Cat Club

The breeders of the Silvertails Cat Club are committed to providing buyers with a kitten which is desexed, microchipped, registered, has had two vaccinations and comes with a comprehensive health warranty.

The earliest a kitten is available to go to its new home is 12 weeks of age after being vet checked thoroughly and neutered or spayed. The price of a Tiffanie kitten starts at $800.

All breeders within the Silvertails Cat Club have had their breeding stock screened for all the nasties such as Leukemia and FIV, Polycystic Kidney Disease and other inherited diseases. Club members give a Silvertails written health guarantee with every adopted kitten and follow up advice if needed.

The Club has an active e-list, hosts a breed booth at various cat shows and generally are totally committed to promoting this amazing new breed.

Typical Letters From Adoptive Parents:

Tiffanie babies now live all over the world – including Japan, USA, Hawaii, New Zealand. and Brazil.

From Maria Lister, Tiffanie breeder, Australia

“I think the Tiffanie is a “No fuss – personality plus kitten/cat” easy to care for … no-knotting luxurious coat, beautiful in temperament and beautiful to look at. They are everything warm and cuddly, trusting, loving, alert, easy to train, playful, funny, entertaining … they are just so sweet. A sheer pleasure, a delight to be owned by. The only thing better than one Tiffanie is to have TWO Tiffanies… or more!”

Jaclyn Power, Tiffanie Pet Owner, Australia

“The best features of the breed? Their beauty, strength, curiosity, intelligence, ‘photographability’ and the colour of those eye. They look straight inside you and hit you directly in the heart. You are powerless to resist!”

From Robin Holiday Welsh, Pet Tiffanie owner, Hawaii, USA

“My little Meli is so wonderful and continues to be quite a character! Can’t hardly get myself out of the house any more. I just don’t want to be apart from him for a minute. He has such a strong life force, he reminds me of an Eveready battery. He just keeps going and going and going. Of course now and again he crashes… then we all rest. We have toys all over the house and he plays with them all. Every morning I awake to find the most wonderful gift — Meli! I couldn’t love a cat more, what a joy he brings to my life.

Letters like this from happy Tiffanie owners is proof positive of what it’s all about — producing exquisite kittens with wonderful temperaments. The Tiffanie Cat… a breed which is a product of dedication and determination — but mostly love.

Editor’s Note: While promoted as Tiffanies, the breed is shown as a Longhaired Burmilla in the NSWCFA.

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