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The Premier Online Magazine devoted
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GC, RW Red Sky Wooden Ships, DM

(A Legendary Tabby Persian Sire)

Occasionally… very occasionally… a cat will be born who is destined to changed the face of its breed. To reach this status a cat must be ahead of its time — a cat of exceptional quality — a cat able to stamp its quality consistently on to its progeny.

In the Persian breed, there have been three cats that have been landmark sires — a solid, a bi-color and a tabby.

The Landmark Persian Sires

The first legendary Persian was GC Lullaby Abracadabra of Midas, DM,  a black male born in 1980 who paved the way to the modern look of the show Persian, stamping his kittens with his incredible head structure and producing more than 50 grands.

The second sire to achieve legendary status is the blue and white male Persian, GC Anz Nicholas Nickleby, DM, born in December, 1986. For decades, Nicholas was the highest Grand producing sire in the Persian breed and more than any other single cat, he was responsible for the quality and popularity of the Calico and Bi-Color Persians of today. His prolific siring abilities were instrumental in the foundation programs of countless bi-color breeders.

And finally, the third of the benchmark Persian sires was the brown tabby male, GC, RW Red Sky Wooden Ships, DM.

“Woody” is the sire who changed not only the look of the tabby division in the Persian breed, but also strongly influenced the Bi-colors, Himalayans, and Exotics of his day.

The cat fancy lost Woody in early January, 2005, however in his dozen years at stud he established himself as the preeminent tabby Persian sire of his generation. This is his story…


In 1992 the female Persian, GC Marhei Ginger Elle, co-owned by CFA judge Gary Powell and his good friends Charles and Sue Helmke of Marhei fame, was bred to GC Willefred’s Excaliber, a one show grand.

The breeding produced three kittens in April, 1992; a black male, a brown tabby male and a brown tabby female. The black male was sold and became a one show grand. The female went to Marhei.

Gary kept the brown tabby boy for himself. Little did he realize at the time the legacy the little brown kitten would bequeath to the Persian breed… for the kitten would grow up to eventually become GC, RW Red Sky Wooden Ships, DM.

The Kitten Named “Woody”

The kitten was nicknamed “Woody” and it quickly became apparent he was special. He had a wonderful head, incredible pattern and phenomenal warmth to his undercoat. His physical quality was enhanced by a laid back personality and an outstanding show temperament.

Gary tells of one example that typifies Woody’s wonderful temperament:

“Woody is one of the sweetest cats I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He makes biscuits and purrs continually while I am bathing him and I have to put my face down to his so he can push his mouth all over my face. He does bring a smile to me.”

Woody’s Show Career

Woody debuted in the show ring as a kitten and was an immediate star. Gary wanted to campaign his beautiful tabby boy, but was too busy with judging assignments. Good friend Linda Berg of Oakheaven Himalayans stepped forward and offered to help.

Under Linda’s guidance Woody was campaigned to the 4th Best Kitten in the Midwest Region for 1992-93. He then became a 1-show grand, with 285 points in the last weekend of January, 1993. With just three months of the season left as an adult he also earned the title of 22nd Best Cat! Woody was a double regional winner!

But it was not in the show ring that Woody would leave his greatest mark. He retired to stud :-). And it is as a sire that he would become legendary.

All Tabbies!

As his first litters were born, it was quickly obvious that Woody was a homozygous agouti tabby. All his kittens in every litter he sired were tabbies. That’s wonderful news for a tabby breeder.

Woody not only produced tabby kittens exclusively, he was consistently passing on his best qualities — wonderful pattern, warm color and an outstanding head.


As Woody became producing as a sire, Gary made the decision to share him with other breeders. It was this generosity that would change the face of Tabby Persians in CFA.

And so it was that Woody was “loaned” to various breeders throughout his breeding career. Indeed, Woody sired kittens for Persian, Exotic and Himalayan catteries.

The list of catteries who used Woody as a sire include:

  • Red Sky
  • Oakheaven Himalayans (Linda Berg)
  • Marmondy (Susan Johnson and Sheryl Joyce)
  • Willafred
  • Becton Exotics (Becky Orlando)
  • Beaudee (Molly Sherrick)
  • Wishstar (Linda Mercer)
  • Joleigh (Sue Bloomquist)
  • Don-Mar (Donna and Mark Thompson)
  • Truelegance (Valerie Christoffersen and Rebecca Head)
  • Heatherbrook (Diane Poitevin)
  • Lafourre (Michael Foreman)
  • Tomorow (Patricia Toft)
  • Satterlee (Charles, Mary and Ann Satterlee)
  • Jeannel (Donna Jean Thompson)
  • Thunderheart (Jennifer Schwanberg)
  • Primadowdy (Tamra Dowdy).

The Lynxpoint Himalayan

Special mention must be made of Woody’s contribution to the establishment of the Lynxpoint Himalayan as an accepted color in CFA.

In August 1993 Woody produced a tabby colorpoint carrier son called GC Oakheaven’s My Ship Came In.

This Woody son would forever change the face of lynxpoints at a time when they were only just gaining acceptance as a new color in CFA.

Indeed, Woody’s influence on the lynxpoint Himalayan is best demonstrated by the fact that he is the grandsire of the first lynxpoint national winner, a phenomenal male Himalayan called GC, NW Oakheaven’s Hook, Line ‘N Sinker.

A Landmark Sire and Grandsire

Woody is the top producing tabby Persian sire of all time, with 31 grands as of January 2005 and still counting. He has produced multiple Regional Winners and several DMs including:

  • GC, GP, RW Don-Mar’s St. Elmo’s Fire (1993)
  • GC, RW Wishstar’s Go Califorum, DM (1995)
  • GC, RW Becton’s Forget Me Knot, DM (1995) Exotic
  • GC, GP, RW Joleigh’s Daisy Patch (1996)
  • GC, RW Joleigh’s Putty Rucker (1996)
  • GC, RW Joleigh’s Chocolateship of Tabby Road (2000)
  • GC, RW Red Sky Turtle Fudge of Chanage (1997)
  • GC Red Sky Magellon of Tufftons, DM

Woody is also the grand sire of TWO back-to-back Best Kittens of the Year:

  • Kitten Of The Year 1999:
    GC, NW Beaudee’s Shiloh of Marcus
  • Kitten Of The Year 2000:
    GC, NW Wishstar Knock On Wood of Kirlu

A Legacy

From 1993 to 2005, Woody was the most influential individual sire of tabby Persians. His impact lives on in his descendants.

A Sampling of the Grands Sired by GC, RW Red Sky Wooden Ships, DM

GC Truelegance Biscotti of Mabuhay
GC Thunderheart’s Noel
GC Oakheaven’s My Ship Came In
GC, RW Wishstar Go Californum, DM
GC, RW Becton’s Forget Me Knot, DM (Exotic)
GC Red Sky Magellon of Tufftons, DM
GC Joleigh’s Cruz’n For Chicks
GC, RW Joleigh ChocolateShip of Tabby Road
GC Beaudee’s Salt Peanuts

Pedigree of GC, RW Red Sky Wooden Ships, DM

GC Willafred’s Excalibur
Brown Tabby
0144-605255 v0792

GC Pa-Ha’s Fire ‘N’ Ice of Willafred
Red Tabby

GC, RW Wilcha Chocolate Mousse of Pa-Ha
Brown Tabby
0144-128541 v1085

GC Palmetto Sunbird, DM
0111-075169 v0185

Pa-Ha’s Carmell of Willafred
Brown Tabby

GC, RW Wilcha Chocolate Mousse of Pa-Ha
Brown Tabby
0144-128541 v1085

CH Debo’s Deluxe of Pa-Ha

GC Marhei’s Babe Ginger Elle
Brown Tabby
0145-592690 v0890

GC Marhei Toe The Marque

GC, RW Mystichill On The Marque of Marhei, DM
0108-295530 v0787

GC Marhei Victoria
0147-174876 v1184

GC Kikicat Praise Ye T’Lord of Marhei
Brown Tabby

CH, GP Kikicat’s Anointed One
Silver Tabby
0136-328008 v0987

CH Marhei’s Moonlight Becomes You, DM
0109-334384 v1087

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