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The Premier Online Magazine devoted
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Price Of A Kitten

One of the most frequently asked questions one cat breeder asks another is, “How do you decide how much to ask for your kittens?”

Pricing a kitten varies not only from location to location, but from breed to breed and also from breeder to breeder. One breeder may charge twice as much as another on the other side of the same street.

Pricing Advice For The Breeder

Many cat breeder give a range of prices when discussing the average cost for a specific type of kitten — pet, breeder or show. These price ranges are generalities and not specifics. No one can give you specific information about kitten prices in the area in which you live — except other breeders who live and sell kittens in the area.

Let’s consider for a moment that you live in Normalville, USA. How much should a pet quality kitten cost in Normalville?

Well… Let’s see…

It’s possible that Normalville has only one breeder. If they are the exclusive breeder, they can set whatever price they want to ask if there is a lot of demand in town for their particular breed. It’s also possible that Normalville has dozens of breeders who all sell their kittens at a ridiculously low price. If you price your kittens higher, you may price yourself out of your local area.

On the other hand, you may choose to not target people looking for a kitten locally. With the internet, many kitten buyers look for the breeder who seems to offer exactly what they are looking for — and they don’t care how far away the breeder might be or how much the kitten costs..

Pricing Advice For The Buyer

I cannot stress enough that it’s not the price you should be most concerned about. You should be looking for a happy, healthy, friendly kitten who’s been socialized and loved before you got it. There is one thing I always advise kitten buyers: Don’t go looking for a “cheap” kitten. I receive many letters from people who say they “cannot afford to spend a lot of money to buy a kitten.”

My response is always, “Don’t get a kitten at this time.”

The cost of purchasing a kitten is only the beginning: good food, excellent veterinary care, neutering or spaying, all cost money. And should your kitten or cat develop an upper respiratory infection or other ailment, it can mean big bucks at the vet. For that matter, just owning a kitten costs money for food, kitty litter, regular vet care, flea treatments, carpet shampoos, dry cleaning, toys and treats and beds — that’s a LONG list!

So if you cannot afford to purchase a kitten “right now”, wait until you can purchase the right one for you AND for the time you have the capability to handle a possible the financial situation that can go with one. I don’t mean that you have to have a five digit savings account (it helps, though!) but don’t let your new kitten break your bank account, either.

Raising a healthy, well-socialized kitten from genetically superior breeding stock is a labor of love… and expensive. Talented, ethical breeders deserve to be compensated accordingly.

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*Albert Einstein (Physicist)