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EW Grooming Powder To Eliminate Eye Stains

Whether your cat is a white, a bi-color or even just a light colored cat, tear staining can be a major problem. The single question I am most frequently asked about eye stains on Persian cats is, “How do I use PandEcats EW Grooming Powder to “pack” under the eyes of my show cat and prevent him from staining?”

“Packing” refers to powdering the hairs so that the area is “packed” with powder. PandEcats EW Grooming Powder remains in place and prevents new staining and reduces or even eliminates old stains completely.

In answer to the many people who have asked how I apply our PandEcats EW Grooming Powder, here is my personal, step-by-step method for packing your cat’s face.

PandEcats EW Grooming Powder

White Persians are not the only cats who can develop eye stains. Staining can show up on any light colored cat including dilutes such as creams and blues, as well as bi-colors, tabbies, silvers and even darker colors of any breed. I have even seen faint staining on dark cats with soft coat textures such as a black Persian or a Birman.

The best solution I have found to prevent staining is using PandEcats EW Grooming Powder to daily pack the areas most susceptible to stains on your cat, usually the hair around and below the eyes. EW Grooming Powder is made from the highest grade powdered ingredients. It is so finely textured it feels like silk between your fingers. This lightweight powder readily “packs” between the hairs on the cat’s face, and remains in place for long periods of time.

PandEcats EW Grooming Powder now comes in a convenient container with a screw top lid. Open the lid and apply the powder directly from the container. Or you may prefer to tap a bit of the powder into the lid of the container and apply it from there.

A round makeup pad fits conveniently right on the top of the powder and can be replaced with each use or as needed.

I begin the “packing” process by cleaning and moistening the hair around the eyes with Optrex Eye Wash. or distilled water.

Always clean eyes from the outside corner of each eye, wiping IN towards the nose so that you don’t “spread” any stained tears over the face.

Lightly dry the area with a tissue or a make-up pad. 

Now, using a clean makeup pad , gently pat the entire area around and under the eyes.

Don’t worry if powder gets into your cat’s eyes — it is perfectly safe. In fact, some exhibitors add a pinch of our powder to the cat’s eye as part of their packing routine.

Next, take a Q-tip, roll it in the powder, twisting it a complete turn so that it has a light coating of powder.

Hold the head firmly with one hand (the one not holding the Q-tip) :-).

Begin at the lower edge of the area you want to “pack”.

“Roll” the Q-tip against the direction of hair growth so that the powder  is forced in between the hairs right up into the roots. The red arrow indicated the direction to “roll”.

Use the tip of the Q-tip to get powder in the hard to reach places like the grooves on each side of the nose and into the break.

Beside using makeup pads or a Q-tip to pack your cat’s face, also try using  different size makeup brushes. I have a collection of soft and hard bristled makeup brushes I use to pack various areas such as the cheeks and chin.

I find an eyebrow brush or a baby’s toothbrush works especially well on areas with longer or coarser hairs than those under the eyes.

Experiment to see which brushes work best for you on each cat.

How does packing with PandEcats EW Grooming Powder work?

It is not the tears themselves that are the big culprit that causes the staining — it is the bacteria that like to grow in the tears and which color the tears brownish/red that are the real enemy. These bacteria love to grow in the moist areas of your cat’s face where tears gather – from the corners of the eye to the grooves of the nose and places in between.

PandEcats EW Grooming Powder is made with a triple antibiotic formula which prevents the growth of these bacteria. Our powder also helps keep your cat’s face dry, and the hair healthier and more resistant to staining.

Does PandEcats EW Grooming Powder bleach out stains?

Our powder is not a bleach, however, it will lighten stains gradually. Because it is not a bleach, it is safe for use on all colors of cats… colored Persians, Russian Blues, Himalayans, Birmans etc.

Is PandEcats EW Grooming Powder safe to use every day? Eye and Wound powder is totally safe for daily use in preventing staining on your cats.

Unlike some other powders, PandEcats EW Grooming Powder DOES NOT contain cortisone. If your cat had a scratch or an ulcer on its eye, the cortisone would aggravate it seriously. For the same reason, you should never use Gentacin with Durafilm drops for an eye infection unless you have first had the eye tested for an ulcer. NEVER use any products near your cat’s eyes which contain cortisone.

Can I use PandEcats EW Grooming Powder at the show?

Absolutely! Exhibitors often use a light application of EW Grooming Powder at the shows. It works in the same way as a contestant in a beauty contest applying a light foundation of makeup before going on-stage :-). Follow the same routine of cleaning with Optrex followed by PandEcats EW Grooming Powder. It not only continues to prevent staining but also helps cover up slight yellowing so that your cat appears whiter on the judging table.

Of course, use good judgment — don’t powder your cat’s face so much that it looks like a clown. The judge will not be impressed :-(.

Why is staining such a problem with Persians?

While staining can be a problem on any light-colored breed, there are reasons that it may be more of an issue with Persians.

  • Persians may be more susceptible to staining since their big eyes present a larger surface area to collect dust and airborne irritants that can cause tearing than a smaller eyed cat. By the same token, the flatness of the Persian face is less aerodynamic than a pointed-faced cat so that movement of air currents doesn’t flow gently over the eyes and face of a Persian but hits the eyes broadside.
  • The nooks and crannies of the Persian face may create a different “landscape” for the shedding tears to collect than the face of the pointed nosed breeds.
  • The texture of some Persian hair may be more absorbent than some of the “harder” haired breeds. The dryer and thus more absorbent the hair, the more susceptible it will be to picking up a stain.
  • Because competition in the Persian division is so great, immaculate presentation may be a goal more keenly pursued than in some less popular breeds.
  • Persians who seem not to stain easily often have a combination of a harder coat, less tearing, or other factors that make it easier to keep them spotless for showing.

Many exhibitors of other breeds use the Eye and Wound Powder including breeders of Birmans, Ragdolls, Maine Coons, Exotics, Orientals, Russian Blues, Devon and Cornish Rex. Even the dog fancy uses these products, especially Maltese and Poodles!

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