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LA, SGCA, GP Candirand High Falutin of Kabobkats

Becky Brown of Kabobkats Persians was looking for a new stud cat. She was losing her foundation male, who she affectionately called Luigi. She had purchased another boy, but he wasn’t producing.

She knew that Christy Miller of Candirand Persians in Oklahoma had phenomenal cats, so she contacted her. When Christy showed her the cats she had available, Becky actually chose a female, naming her Christina after her mother who passed away a few days before she arrived in Philadelphia.

Becky showed Christina in TICA and then placed her into her breeding program.

Looking For A Bicolor Male… Or Not…

Becky still knew that the need for a new male was approaching. Kabobkats specialized in bi-color Persians -— so that was what she was looking for — a spectacular bicolor male. Then, one day, she saw a photo of little red tabby kitten on Christy’s website. He wasn’t a bicolor, but Becky didn’t care. She was in love.

Since Christy was specializing in bi-colors, too, she really had no need for a boy with no white in her breeding program… so “Buzz” joined the Kabobkats family.

In not time at all, Buzz was on an airplane to Philly. When Becky walked into the airport shipping building, there was a crowd of people gathered around the kitten’s carrier. She could hear him purring from the doorway. What a motor he had! The kitten marched out of his carrier, totally confident. Once she got her hands on him, Becky knew she had found a nearly perfect example of a Persian. She was so excited to show him and place him in her breeding program.

Photo by Helmi Flick

Baby Buzz

Baby Buzz’s first show was in Hartford, CT. A kitten’s first show is always a bit of a question mark. Will he travel well? Will he be comfortable being in a strange hotel room? Will he like showing? Becky needn’t have been concerned. The answers were yes, yes and yes! Buzz loved being in the car, loved his tent on the other bed in the hotel room, and loved being shown. He just purred all the time. What a personality he had.

While his personality was a delight, the same could not be said for his coat. Buzz had a massive coat, even as a kitten. Becky soon discovered that his huge, soft coat was a complete horror to groom. His chest and stomach hair was so curly that it was nearly impossible to get him looking the way she wanted him to look. And Becky is a superb show groomer.

Despite her fears, she must have done a good job… because Buzz was Best Kitten in Show his first time in the show hall. Almost every judge used him in their final. Becky was ecstatic. She dashed home and entered every show she could afford.

Buzz and Becky were showing dynamos that year. By the end of his kitten career, Buzz was near the top of the kitten standings in TICA for 2005-2006. With less than three months to the season’s end, he just kept showing…

Photo by Helmi Flick

Hide & Go Seek

Buzz continued his winning ways as an adult. His first show as an adult was in Providence, RI. He made every final, and was Best Cat in Show.

The next show was in Allentown, PA. Becky’s expectations were understandably high. That’s when she received an unimaginable blow to her show plans, and more importantly to her breeding program. Buzz managed to pull one of his testicles up into his body, never to appear again! He was actually withheld on in one show ring!

Becky’s first thought was, ” There goes my breeding program”.

But Becky didn’t let it stop her for long. She loved Buzz so much it just didn’t matter. Never looking back, off she went to the vet’s to have Buzz neutered.

Becky planned to continue showing Buzz, so she specifically requested that his belly be shaved the least amount possible for his operation. Of course, when she went to pick him up, his tummy had been clipped from front to back and up each side. It was the worst possible shave he has ever had! What was the vet thinking?

But that didn’t stop Becky and Buzz. Off they went to the last show of the season. The judges just laughed. Most used him in their finals anyway! Buzz had earned enough points for a regional win as an adult.

Total awards for his first season of showing: An IW as Third Best International Kitten in TICA 2006, plus three Regional Wins, one as a kitten, one as an adult in Championship and one as an adult in Premiership (in just two shows!). Although he had also earned enough to earn the LA Life Achievement award, the LA requires the cat to be shown over two show seasons, so Buzz couldn’t quite claim it yet.

On The Judging Table

A judge would pick Buzz up, look him in the eye, then feel his body. There was a look that came over their faces that was priceless! Their jaws would drop open and they would look at me with huge eyes! Some would say, “Wow!”. There were unforgettable shows where Buzz went to every final and never received a rosette less than first or second place!

Not just a pretty face, Buzz shows he has some moves while competing on an ICAT Agility course.

Buzz’s Second Season

At the same time that Becky was showing Buzz to his adult RW, Jan Chambers was campaigning a stunning white Exotic spay to Alter of the Year 2006. She suggested to Becky that Buzz had the potential to accomplish a similar feat for the upcoming 2006/2007 show season. Becky thought about it — and the decision was easy. Buzz would try for Alter of the Year. And add the Lifetime Achievement title too.

Becky took Buzz to a couple of small shows locally just to keep him current — and so she was encouraged to kept putting him in the tub. She was still looking for that perfect combination of shampoos, conditioners, sprays and treatments that would make his coat perfect. She was a perfectionist.

Photo by Helmi Flick

Then off to big shows they went. Buzz gained momentum after a couple of regional shows, and by November, he was comfortably settled in first place at the top of the standings in Alters. Becky entered shows that she could drive to, but would not go if the count was too low for the points to replace Buzz’s top point rings. She even took some time out in the fall to show Buzz at a few CFA shows, getting his winner’s ribbons at one show (where he finaled as an Open), then attaining his Grand Premier title in two more shows. Big named CFA Persian exhibitors were asking her where she was showing him next so they could go somewhere else. Her Buzz’s beauty was intimidating the competition!

By the end of year two, Becky and Buzz had achieved their goal. Buzz was TICA’s Alter of the Year 2007. And they did it with ease. They never flew to a show that year, entering only shows that they could easily drive to. The first time Buzz got on an airplane was when Becky took him to the Annual to receive his Alter of the Year award in Albuquerque, NM.

Buzz seems bored with all the attention as he enjoys a big yawn over his plate.

A Cover Boy

Buzz was on the cover of a Polish Cat Magazine, “Kot” as well as the cover on a Children’s Book by Abdo Publishers titled Persian Cats. This book introduces young readers grades 3-6 to the wonderful world of the sweet, affectionate cat with the stubby nose and long, flowing coat. So Buzz was not only an incredibly successful show cat, his image continues to entice the next generation of kids to love his wonderful breed.

Home Again

For Becky, those two years showing Buzz were the ultimate cat showing years. Once they were over, she knew she would never have another cat as perfect as Buzz . She dabbled with showing a couple of other breeds, but her heart wasn’t in it anymore. She only wanted to show her Buzz. In his retirement, Buzz is kept shaved down. It would be almost impossible to keep up with his massive coat. He drinks from the water bowl by submerging his entire head. He likes to poop on the floor, instead of the litter box. What a dirty character he can seem. But he is still “the Man”.

Buzz shares his home with Becky’s three kids and one grandchild, a collection of Pugs and a British Shorthair named Toby. Toby is a huge and very heavy cat, but Buzz doesn’t take any guff from him. If Buzz is not in the mood to play, he lets Toby know it. Buzz is so muscular that he can over-power a cat twice his size. Becky’s kids are amazed that he can boss around another cat that is so much bigger. Buzz loves the Pugs, and spends most of his time in what Becky calls “the Pug Pile”, purring and licking their canine faces. Perhaps he thinks he is a Pug?

Photo by Helmi Flick

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LA SGCA GP Candirand High Falutin of Kabobkats

Red Classic Tabby Alter

TICA 2005-2006

3rd Best Kitten In TICA 2006
Mid Atlantic Region’s Best Kitten
Mid Atlantic Region’s 20th Best Cat
Mid Atlantic Region’s 12th Best Alter

TICA 2006-2007

TICA Alter Of The Year 2007
Mid Atlantic Region’s Best Alter 2007

Born: 6/14/2005
Sire: Candirand’s Totally Inspired
Dam: Candirand’s Beyond Beautiful
Breeder: Christy Miller
Owner: Rebecca K. Brown