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How To Have Fun At The Cat Show

First, let’s state the obvious — the EASIEST way to have fun at the cat show is to watch your cat go “Best” in every ring. Winning is always fun :-). But, since even under ideal circumstances, only one person could be having fun at the show in that exact way, let it also be said that there are lots of different ways to have fun at the cat show that move beyond just winning in the show ring. So, if you arrive at the cat show with your favorite cat or new kitten and after scoping out the competition you realize your beloved kitten doesn’t have a hope of beating the breathtakingly beautiful cat that is in the same class, how are you going to enjoy your day?

If your cat is not winning, having fun depends on your character. It is a test. You can even think of it as a another aspect of the competition at a cat show. Do you have the strength, the guts, the talent and the will to have fun at the show when your cat is losing? Sure you do! And you can even keep score — just like counting grand points, only this time, the one earning the points is YOU!

Give yourself 5 points for each time you do something concrete to have fun at the show, and at the end of the weekend add up your points. Maybe, just maybe, you may even be a one show grand!

Add Up Your Points

  • (Ten Points) Help a fellow exhibitor unload or load their car or set up their cage.
  • (Ten Points) Ask the show manager if you can help in any way.
  • (Ten Points) Help set up or tear down the show.
  • (Five Points) Five points for smiling even though your cat has just lost.
  • (Five Points) Another five points for congratulating the winner.
  • (Ten Points) A 10 point bonus if you actually mean it when you congratulate the winner because it means you can lose with the same grace with which you win — that is National quality behavior!
  • (Five Points) If your best friend comes to commiserate with you, instead of complaining about your loss, suggest going up to watch the next final together. Give yourself 5 more points
  • (Five Points) Hug your cat. Spend extra minutes playing with it and admiring just how beautiful it is, even without a rosette.
  • (Five Points) Watch a breed other than your own. If you show longhairs, watch the shorthairs. If you show shorthairs, watch the longhairs.
  • (Five Points) Experience the range of differences in various cat breeds. Ask to feel the ear of an American Curl. Of a Scottish Fold. Test the coat of an Exotic Shorthair. Feel the rump of a Manx and the tail of a Japanese Bobtail. Heft a cobby Persian then feel the tubular body of an Oriental Shorthair. Run your hand over the coat of a Devon Rex, then a Cornish and a Selkirk Rex. Feel the coat of a Wirehair. Try snapping the coat on a Burmese. Take a close look at the ticking on an Abyssinian. Give yourself five points for each different breed that you handle.
  • (Five Points) Test your knowledge of a judge by predicting their class placements before they are made. Make it a game by playing it with your best friend. The one who makes the most correct predictions buys dinner.
  • (Five Points) Walk up and down the cage aisles and admire the cage decorations.
  • (Five Points) If there are kittens for sale, admire them too.
  • (Five Points) Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know. Maybe you will make a new friend.
  • (Five Points) Give yourself another 5 points for introducing them to your friends.
  • (Five Points) Talk to the visitors to the cat show. Ask if they have a cat and then listen to their stories. Five points for each visitor you have a real conversation with.
  • (Ten Points) Share your knowledge. Perhaps there is a novice exhibitor who doesn’t understand how to read or mark the catalogue. Perhaps their cat’s coat is obviously greasy and they would appreciate some grooming advice.
  • (Five Points) If your cat has earned a rosette, look for a well-behaved child and give it to him or her as a reward for good manners.
  • (Five Points) Go to the Household Pet ring when the finals are being awarded and clap loudly.
  • (Ten Points) Find a person showing an HHP and admire their cat.
  • (Five Points) If an exhibitor seems to be by themselves, invite them to dinner.
  • (Five Points) Look for someone you don’t know who is wearing a cool outfit, an interesting piece of jewelry or has a special hairdo and give them a compliment.
  • (Five Points) Buy an extra raffle ticket to support the club.
  • (Five Points) Pick up the ball of hair lying in the middle of the aisle.
  • (Five Points) Browse through the vendor’s booths and buy something you don’t really need — something for your cat and something for yourself.
  • (Five Points) People watch. After all, the people who show cats tend to be eccentrics :-). There is always a lot of interesting human behavior if you take the time to observe.
  • (Five Points) Offer the fly-in campaigner a lift back to the hotel.
  • (Five Points) Go to Saturday dinner with friends and indulge yourself, be it a chocolate martini or chocolate mousse! Join in the laughter and the frivolity.
  • (Five Points) Order something you have never eaten before.
  • (Five Points) Treat yourself to a room service snack at bedtime.
  • (Five Points) Watch a PPV movie on the TV in the motel room before turning in.
  • (Ten Points) Fall asleep with your cat purring in your ear and smile that it is purring just for you.

As you can see, while winning may be the easiest way to have fun at the cat show, it certainly isn’t the only way.

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While the Scottish Fold’s breed defining characteristic is their unique ears, their large, round eyes and rounded head, cheeks, and whisker pads add to the overall rounded appearance. Despite the folded ears, folds still use their aural appendages to express themselves—the ears swivel to listen, lie back in anger and prick up when the treat bag rustles.