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  • * Board Certified Veterinarian
    There are many factors that contribute to finding the right "fit" between you and your vet. Should your cat have a Board Certified Vet? Is a Board Certified feline veterinarian better than a regular veterinarian? Perhaps...
    March 2016

  • A Cat Gets a Second Chance
    The true story of a crippled kitty and a soft-hearted veterinarian.
    July 2020

  • * Developing A Relationship With Your Veterinarian
    Perhaps one of the most important and precious relationships you will ever have in your career as a cat breeder, is the one you develop with your veterinarian.
    August 2020

  • Health Insurance For Your Cat
    In recent years pet insurance has become available for cats and may be an option to consider to protect the health of your felines.
    September 2020

  • How Did You Find Your Veterinarian?
    How many vets did you try before you found the right one for you? What are your priorities when looking for a veterinarian? How did you find your current vet?
    March 2022

  • * How To Choose Your Veterinarian
    Every breeder needs a good veterinarian as part of their cattery 'team'. You must have confidence in the level of your veterinarian's medical knowledge. You must be able to communicate well with your veterinarian.
    July 2020

  • * Two Way Street
    Learn tips for forging a great relationship with your veterinarian.
    March 2018

  • * Understanding Your Veterinarian's Point Of View
    If you can better understand your veterinarian's point of view, you are more likely to get along with the vet, and work better as a team to provide the best health care for your cats ...
    October 2020

  • Vet's Mistake
    Share one breeder's journey in seeking justice when a vet neuters her show kitten by mistake.
    September 2017

  • Veterinary Fair Disclosure Legislation
    New legislation may require veterinarians to tell the owners of their patients the risk associated with vaccinating their pets.
    January 2005

  • * When To Go To The Vet
    Knowing when you need to go to vet can save your cat's life. Knowing when you don't need to go to the vet can save you money.
    August 2019



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