Understanding Your Cat

These articles will help you better understand what your cat is thinking and why it does what it does...

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  • * Anxious Cat
    Just like people, cats can suffer from stress. Stress-related anxiety can lead to both physical and behavioral problems in the suffering feline.
    July 2021

  • Don't Talk Baby Talk
    Recent scientific research suggests that your cat responds better to being spoken to in a normal voice...
    August 2011

  • Gretsky
    Gretsky was a cat with a problem. Munira was an owner determined to find an answer to the problem.
    November 2019

  • * Kitty Love
    Do you know the different ways that a cat can express affection towards you?
    February 2020

  • Pet Psychic
    Do you believe a pet psychic can talk to your cat and discover what it is thinking?
    March 2005

  • * Read Your Cat's Mind
    Have you ever watched your cat staring out the window into the night and wondered what it was thinking? It is possible to read your cat's mind if you know how to interpret its "language"....
    March 2019

  • * Spraying
    Understanding the reasons most cats spray is the first step to controlling the unwanted behavior.
    August 2020

  • * Talking Tail
    You can read your cat's mind by just watching its tail!
    March 2007

  • * Understanding The Aggressive Cat
    Before you can know the best way to deal with an aggressive cat, first you need to understand the different types of aggression. Once you understand WHY your kitty is being aggressive, you can then try to eliminate the reason for the aggressive behavior.
    October 2000

  • * When A Cat Dies
    If a cat in a cattery or multiple-cat household dies, should you let the other cats view their deceased pal's body? Will this "viewing" help the other cats understand that their friend is gone?
    November 2013



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