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  • Crisis In Egypt
    As Egypt takes steps towards a free society, the animals of Egypt need help...
    March 2011

  • Do you have what it takes to be a HERO?
    It takes a special commitment to help save our feline friends in distress. This is a tribute to people involved in feline rescue. Included is a large list of links to rescue organizations.
    July 2001

  • Happy St. Cat-Trick's Day
    Knock Knock Who's there? Irish! Irish Who? Irish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    March 2011

  • I Want To Quit
    Thoughts from an experienced animal rescuer
    November 2019

  • Kittens Helping Kittens
    Once upon a time, helping the kittens was my only goal - find the cats and kittens in need and bring them home. That's what I did.
    January 2020

  • Reducing The Number of Abandoned Cats
    In difficult economic times, we all can work towards helping ensure that every cat has a good home...
    November 2008

  • Shelter Success Story
    A city pulls together and an innovative idea saves kittens lives.
    January 2007

  • Sooty Girl
    An adventurous Persian kitten finds herself in a bit of a mess...
    November 2018

  • Sponsoring a Humane Society Cat
    A new feature at some cat shows is sponsoring the showing of a Humane Society cat in the HouseHold Pet Class.
    January 2004

  • Trap - Neuter - Return
    With populations of feral cats out of control in many cities, municipalities are often faced with taking drastic measures to control the numbers. TNR looks at the preferred option of Trap-Neuter-Return to manage feral cat colonies.
    February 2011

  • Why Rescue?
    Why should you rescue a cat?
    September 2005

  • Willows' Story
    Exhibitors on the way home from the International show find an abandoned kitten.
    December 2005



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