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  • * Closed Pyometra
    One of the most serious health problems that can occur in a female breeding cat is if she develops a closed pyometra. Learn more about this life-threatening condition . . .
    March 2014

  • Hope After Pyo
    Liz Ward of Huggibear Burmese shares her experience with a queen successfully producing live kittens after suffering two bouts of pyometra . . .
    August 2020

  • * Pyometra Symptoms
    Because pyometra can be life-threatening, it is important to recognize the symptoms. See photos of the most definitive sign of pyo - discharge!
    August 2017

  • * Pyometra: How To Save Your Queen's Breeding Career
    Just because your queen has pyo, there is no reason she can't recover and produce many future litters of healthy babies, IF you use the correct antibiotic AND hormone treatment.
    February 2020



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