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  • IW RW SGC GC Boraines Sensation
    PandEcats is honored to present our first featured cat from TICA! Enjoy the story of 'Saysha', a stunning blue cream who became her co-owners' first National Winning kitty.
    August 2001

  • GC Cedar Valley Truffles
    This is the story of a little black Persian kitten who battled her way into the world, fought her way past setback after setback, and eventually fulfilled her Grand destiny at five and a half years of age.
    March 2001

  • Deco!
    A first time campaigner tells about her experiences with her Persian named Deco.
    May 2005

  • First Time National Winning Owners
    Three members of PandEcats.com have campaigned cats to the coveted National Winner title for the first time!
    May 2002

  • GC, BW, NW Granddelight's PJ of Mockingbird
    The popular theory is that a novice cannot make a major national win in CFA. Yet by the end of the 1996-97 show season, a cream and white female Persian from a relatively unknown cattery and campaigned by a novice in only her second year of showing was CFA's 2nd Best Cat in Championship!
    October 2000

  • Hip-Hip-Hair-ay
    Kathy Durdick of Ristokat Himalayans shares her story of a special regional winning cat.
    May 2003

  • GC, RW Marcus Roxanne of Anz, DM
    The dam of a total of 19 Grand offspring, GC RW Marcus Roxanne of Anz DM is CFA's #1 producing Persian female, and #2 female all breeds. This is her story...
    September 2000

  • GC, RW Missionhill Fait Accompli
    Accompli is the culmination of many years of selective breeding, combining a cream CPC and a black Persian with the Missionhill silver lines. What is remarkable about him is that in spite of having extreme Persian type he still retains the distinctive expression of the silver Persian.
    November 2000

  • Parti Wai Celebrates Two DMs!
    CH Frenchcats Nimbus of Parti Wai, DM and GC, GP Parti Wai Easter Bonnet, DM 'Puffy' and 'Bonnie' each earned the breeding title of Distinguished Merit within just a few months of one another. Proud owner, Gloria Busselman of Parti Wai Persians shares the story of her two exceptional felines.
    September 2002

  • GC, RW Prancenpaws Glamor Shot of Ristokat, DM
    When a new breeder starts out, often their greatest wish is to find a foundation female for their breeding program. Follow the story of how Ristokat's Himalayans first show cat was a dream come true.
    July 2000

  • Racer's Journey
    This is the story of a blue-eyed bicolor, and the bumpy path filled with grooming potholes he traveled with his owner on the way to obtaining the title of Grand Champion in CFA ...
    August 2009

  • Symphony
    An owner tells of her experience campaigning a minority color kitty with attitude.
    May 2008

  • GC, RW TNT Purrfect Katrina Vantassel
    This is the story of a little calico Persian. And it's the story of her breeder/owners, the mother/daughter team of Diana and Tonya Heinzen of Avondale, AZ. And it's a story of 'firsts', one low, one high.
    August 2000

  • * Top Persian Sires and Dams as of April 2001
    Many breeders believe the most coveted title a cat can be awarded is that of Distinguished Merit. This title represents a contribution to the next generation of its breed.
    January 2002

  • Year "Two" Remember
    A Siamese breeder tells about her first expereince campaigning a cat in Championship and a cat in Premiership at the same time.
    July 15

  • Your 're Not Getting Older - You're Getting Better
    The story of GC, GP, NW Brannaway Puddin' of Fleurelaine proves that some cats just keep improving with age :-)
    August 2004



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