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  • GC 23rd Avenue Soul Jacker
    This is the story of GC 23rd Avenue Soul Jacker, CFA's first Chocolate Tabby & White Grand Champion Persian. It is also the story of his breeder and owner, Tracey Weaver, and her persistence in the face of many challenges, her determination to follow her dreams and her unwavering love of chocolate Persians.
    May 2017

  • Are You Color Blind?
    A breeder of chocolate and lilac Persians uncovers some of the special challenges one faces when dealing with rare, recessive the genes and minority colors...
    August 2008

  • * Cactusway
    Toni Renzacci, of Cactusway Cattery, was a pioneer of Chocolate and Lilac Persians.
    February 2003

  • Ceylon Color Me Crazy
    This the story of the first Lilac & White Persian to earn his Grand Championship title in CFA - a history making cat.
    June 2010

  • CH, GP Kissncats Touched By An Angel
    Breed history was made in CFA when the first chocolate tortoiseshell Persian granded in Portland Oregon in 2011 - at nine and a half years of age! This is her story...
    September 2012

  • * Chocolate Family Grands: Part 1
    The first Chocolate Point Himalayan granded in 1969. Enjoy browsing through a family album of the early chocolate Grands.
    June 2003

  • * Chocolate Family Grands: Part 2
    The outstanding chocolates of th 90's
    June 2003

  • * Chocolate Family Grands: Part 3
    The chocolate story continues...
    July 2003

  • * Chocolate Family Grands: Part 4
    The chocolate story in recent years
    August 2003

  • * Chocolate Family Grands: Part 5
    The latest Chocolate Grand Champions in CFA are featured.
    December 2006

  • * Chocolate Family Grands: Part 6
    Check out the newest chocolate and lilac grand champions in CFA!
    February 2009

  • Chocolate High
    A new CFA record has been set for the highest scoring Chocolate Point Himalayan in the Breed history.
    May 2004

  • Chocolate Smoke & Lilac Smoke In CFA: Past, Present & Future
    A breeder looks at why and when CFA might accept the Chocolate Smoke and Lilac Smoke colors into the Persian standard...
    April 2011

  • Chocolate/Lilac Division Timelines
    Persian breeders have had to fight to get the colors of Chocolate and Lilac and all their various possibilities accepted in CFA. The battle for accceptance has spanned more than half a century and still continues today with the Chocolate/Lilac Smokes still not an accepted color in Persians in CFA...
    April 2011

  • Martha Kohlmeyer of Odin Persians
    Martha will always be remembered as one of the pioneers of lilac Persians under her Odin cattery prefix.
    March 2003

  • New Chocolate Milestone
    Read the story of Rocky, the first ever chocolate or lilac Persian to be ranked in the top 3 of breed nationally in CFA!
    May 2007



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