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Articles detailing and analyzing show counts for every show in CFA for each year

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  • CFA Championship Show Counts
    If you are planning on campaigning a cat in Championship this season, this is THE information you will need to maximize your chances of success. All the show counts for each year are listed in a 3 separate tables sorted three ways: from highest to lowest counts; divided state-by-state; and week-by-week plus the highest count shows you need for a national campaign are all highlighted! There is EVERYTHING you need to plan your cat's campaign.

  • CFA Kitten Show Counts
    This is THE information you will need to campaign your special kitten this season. Here is a complete collection of articles that analyze the show counts in CFA for every show, year-by-year, weekend-by-weekend, state-by-state, for each year since 2002. Learn how to run a smart and successful campaign.

  • CFA Premiership Show Counts
    Complete show counts for each year are analyzed in 3 tables showing the premiership counts for the year sorted from highest to lowest counts, divided state-by-state and week-by-week. These articles provide vital information to help you reach your campaign goals!

  • * CFA Show Count Search
    Have you ever wondered what the counts were for a show last year? Or the year before that? Or before that? Now you can find the counts for a specific show for all shows it has held since May 2002!
    September 2008

  • * CFA Show Count Search By Weekend
    Have you ever wondered what the counts were for all the shows held on a certain weekend last year? Or the year before that? Or before that? Now you can find the CFA counts for all the shows for any specific weekend held since May 2002 by just clicking once!
    October 2008

  • CFA Show Counts
    A chronological list of the shows for each CFA show season since 2002, include the counts for Championship, Kittens & Premiership broken down into LH, SH and AB cats. These charts are a MUST for planning the next season's campaign.

  • Declining Show Counts in CFA (Where Have All The Entries Gone?)
    In this article we will look at how many CFA shows were held each season and the number of total entries shown each season in the past decade. We also look at the numbers in North America compared to the numbers around the world. The results are very interesting . . .
    May 2013



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