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  • CFA International Show Results 2000
    Each November, the biggest cat show in the world is held in the United States of America. Exhibitors from all over the Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada and the USA converge on one show hall to exhibit more than 1300 cats over the course of three days.
    December 2000

  • Dreamer... and a Little Faith
    The story of an owner and a cat...and the journey they take together to overcome an incredible medical obstacle...
    May 2006

  • Driving To The International
    So what is it REALLY like to drive to the International? Here is one exhibitor's story...
    December 2005

  • Love Is In The Air
    The challenge of getting your virgin male cat to learn how to 'do the deed'
    April 2018

  • One Litter - Two Breeds
    In CFA, when can one litter have kittens registered as two different breeds?
    July 2019

  • To Ship Or Not To Ship
    A breeder explains the evolution of her no-shipping policy.
    July 2017

  • Trust Your Instincts
    A Somali breeder learns to listen to her instincts..
    April 2006

  • The Veterans Class
    The 'oldies' strut their stuff when a class is offered for cats 7 years old and up.
    February 2002


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