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  • Breeder's Journey
    Munira Murrey takes you on a photographic journey showing the steps she took in developing the look of the Missionhill Silver Persians.
    January 2001

  • Gretsky
    Gretsky was a cat with a problem. Munira was an owner determined to find an answer to the problem.
    November 2019

  • How Often Should A Cat Be Bred?
    Breeders must consider the health and happiness of a cat when deciding how often it can be bred.
    May 2020

  • *Making A Golden From Scratch
    Munira Murrey shares with you her personal 'recipe' for producing a Golden Persian.
    August 2000

  • GC, RW Missionhill Fait Accompli
    Accompli is the culmination of many years of selective breeding, combining a cream CPC and a black Persian with the Missionhill silver lines. What is remarkable about him is that in spite of having extreme Persian type he still retains the distinctive expression of the silver Persian.
    November 2000

  • *Missionhill Cattery
    When building an indoor cattery there were many factors to be considered. Enjoy a tour of the Missionhill cattery along with detailed construction tips.
    October 2019

  • *Shaving Your Cat's Nose
    Exhibitors of well-presented Silvers and Goldens and tabbies take care that the mascara on their cat's nose leather is not obscured by hair along the edge of the nose leather. The best way of emphasizing good nose mascara is by shaving the hairline around
    March 2020


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