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  • Ouch
    Pity the kitty whose head is bumped on the opening of the judging cage as the judge or exhibitor removes it.
    January 2020

  • *Standards From A Judge's Viewpoint
    TICA judge, Beth Hicks, gives pointers on how best to write breed standards from a judge's point of view.
    January 2017

  • Think Backwards
    Retired TICA judge, Beth Hicks, shares a tip for making your cat's experience in the judging ring more enjoyable.
    December 2007

  • What Color Is Your Cat?
    This article by TICA judge, Beth Hicks is a photographic essay showing the different colors of cats from tabbies and torbies to pointed and 'with white' in all the shades and patterns.
    July 2005


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