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  • *Breed Council
    Each breed in CFA that has been accepted for championship status has a Breed Council comprised of fanciers of that particular breed and a Breed Council Secretary elected by the members of the Council. Be part of YOUR breed's leadership.
    January 2001

  • CFA / Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter International Cat Show 2015
    CFA President, Mark Hannon, shares his thoughts about CFA's premier show event for 2015 The Cat Fanciers' Association / Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter International Championship Cat Show . . .
    December 2015

  • CFA World Championship Cat Show 2014
    The cream (and white) rose to the top at the 2014 Cat Fanciers' Association / Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter World Championship Cat Show in Pennsylvania. GC, GP, NW Velvetkist Pack'n Heat of Krimpurrs, a cream and white Persian neuter owned by Beth Holly & Noralyn Heisig was Best in Show at the prestigious competition . . .
    December 2014

  • GC, RW Marcus Roxanne of Anz, DM
    The dam of a total of 19 Grand offspring, GC RW Marcus Roxanne of Anz DM is CFA's #1 producing Persian female, and #2 female all breeds. This is her story...
    September 2000

  • Mark Hannon: Persian Breed Council Secretary 2001
    Mark tells you a bit about his history and also what you can expect from him as the incoming Persian Breed Council Secretary.
    December 2001

  • *GC, GP, NW Mystichill Mighty High
    A photo essay features GC, GP, NW Mystichill Mighty High, a triple national winner - as a kitten, a whole cat and as a spay!
    June 2004


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