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GC, RW Gorbe Irani Rocky Road of Jude

The First Chocolate Tabby Persian Regional Winner in CFA

Although all colors of Persians compete equally in the show ring, there are those colors that are recognized as being more difficult, and usually have only a small number of breeders willing to work with them. With few breeders willing to take on such a commitment, it makes it even harder to see improvement in those colors.

The “chocolate family” of colors (chocolate, lilac, and their variations) is a prime example of this. While chocolate point and lilac point were two of the original Himalayan colors accepted, it was 12 years before they had their first grand champion.

The non-pointed members of the “family” weren’t accepted by CFA until 1984, when the Himalayan breed was merged with their Persian parent. And while the solid chocolate and lilacs have made some great strides in that time, other divisions have come along much more slowly. The first tabby “family” grand didn’t occur until 2001, when GC Featherland’s Weird Science, a chocolate mackerel tabby boy granded.

The 2006 show season finally saw the second chocolate tabby grand — a classic this time — named Gorbe Irani Rocky Road of Jude. But, in addition to that feat, he went on to accomplish other major milestones, becoming the first ever chocolate or lilac to be ranked in the top 3 nationally for breed AND the first Chocolate Tabby Regional Winner in CFA. This is his story…

GC, RW Gorbe Irani Rocky Road of Jude

First Chocolate Tabby Regional Winner
First Chocolate or Lilac to be in the top 3 Breed Winners Nationally
Gulf Shore Region’s 7th Best Cat and Best Tabby Persian
National 2nd Best of Breed Tabby Persian

Rocky’s Story

as told by his breeder, Anita Mehryari

In December 2004, I was looking for some cats for my new fledgling himi program. I’d been breeding a few years, but had come to realize my cats were really not very good. So having signed up for a mentor, I got my first show kitty — a neuter to be shown in Premiership. I was fortunate and met some wonderful breeders who were willing to help this “newbie” get started on the right track. So there I was, with a newly registered cattery, and two mentors, so I set out to look for my new babies to begin breeding beautiful cats.

Judy Harper of Jude Persians had been sent a solid black CPC girl from INRvision named INRvision Cia Shab, to either keep for her program or sell. A nice girl, but she had only a 25% chance of carrying chocolate. Judy, who has a wonderful Chocolate/Lilac program, already had cats to work with that she knew carried chocolate, or were visuals, so she offered this girl to me. Of course, the first problem for me was that when she went into heat, I didn’t have any males ready to breed. So Judy generously offered to let me use her seal lynx point male, GC Jude Rocky Racoon. Since I had no interest in working with chocolate, I told her any chocolate babies would be hers.

A little over two months later, Cia delivered 5 kittens for me in less than an hour. I lay them side by side. “Ok, there’s two brown tabbies, a blue tabby, a himi and this other kitten.” I called Judy, all excited about my new babies. When she asked what they were I told her all boys and proceeded to describe their colors. When I got to the last little guy, I told her “He’s a tan tabby”. She laughed and told me, “There’s no such thing”.

Now I’m looking right at him, and I know he’s not brown like his brothers, so I told her that might be the case, but that’s the color he looks like. I think Judy made it to my house in under 10 minutes to see this boy.

“Oh my God, he’s chocolate !!!” Then she took a closer look, and said. “I think he’s gonna be a pet.” Well, that didn’t matter to me. You’d think I had given birth to the litter myself, I was so thrilled.

During the next few months, Judy would come by every so often and take a look at Rocky, but he was rather unimpressive at this stage. Big ole ears and a long nose. Judy mentioned that his dam’s breeder might like to have him… but he was the first kitten I had registered to my cattery, so I wasn’t anxious to part with him, and besides that, he really had such a great coat. So I held on to him.

I took him to a few shows as a kitten where he did absolutely nothing. He was still pretty gawky, and he had a kind of hole in his chest where I (much to Judy’s consternation) had cut out a mat.

When he turned 8 months old, I entered him as an open to try to at least get his winner’s ribbons. The big day came and I couldn’t take him because one of my girls chose that day to have her kittens. Judy, being a wonderful friend, offered to take him, big hole in his chest and all. 🙂

He succeeded in getting his ribbons, and I had my very first home-bred Champion.

Judy and I then discussed trying to Grand him. Neither one of us thought that would happen. He was a bit small, still had those big ears, a nose that was only slightly higher than it started out as… and oh, let’s not forget that hole in his chest! So we figured the best thing to do was just stop there.

Well… it really didn’t matter to me. I was just so happy to have such a sweet boy, and besides that, show grooming him was a horror. The bath wasn’t too bad, but that drying… nope, not for him!

Judy came over every so often to help me with grooming the boy I was showing in Premiership. On a visit sometime just past Rocky’s first birthday, she took a long hard look at him, turned to me and said “I think he might be Grandable”. And then, “Wouldn’t it be so cool to grand only the 2nd Chocolate Tabby in CFA?”

I thought about it for all of two seconds and said, “Let’s go for it”. So at 13 months, we took him back out. Judy suggested since my grooming skills still lacked some finesse, that she bath him for the shows. So for the next 3 months, Hal would come and get Rocky, take him home, where Judy would bath and groom him and then bring him back to me. He still didn’t care for the dryer, so I was more than happy to let Judy and Hal have the pleasure of grooming this sweet boy, who the moment the dryer was turned on, became the spawn of the devil.

He was fun to show. Most judges commented on his unusual color. Actually, most of them said they had never seen a Chocolate Tabby. When Leslie Falteisek judged him for the first time, she looked very closely at the color of his nose leather and then proceeded to lift every single paw to check the color on his paw pads. Yep, he’s chocolate!!

We took Rocky to the International Show in November, along with a blue tabby boy I was trying to grand. We really didn’t hold out a lot of hope of granding him there, but he was almost halfway to a grand, so it was possible. Well he didn’t get into any finals, but he did get a BOB, 2nd BOB or 3rd BOB of breed in each ring. And at the end of the show, he was 2nd Best Tabby Persian. So, it was a great show and we were very happy with his results.

On December 2, 2006, at the Brazos Valley Cat Club, Bob Molino granded Rocky, making him the first chocolate classic tabby to ever Grand in CFA. We had done it. I was walking on air! Not only was he my first registered kitten, but now he was my very first Grand Champion.

I can’t remember when we realized he had actually had a chance for an RW. We just figured as long as he was making finals, we’d keep showing him. In mid-January, Judy and I thought it would be best to move him to her house. If we were going to keep showing him, then he would have less stress if he didn’t have to go back and forth every week. So I packed him up and sent him to live with Judy.

By late March, we were pretty sure his RW was secure and were going to stop showing. We figured as long as he got the RW, it really wasn’t going to matter where he placed. We were pretty sure he’d be in the top 10 and that was the goal at that time. Then Judy called me and set a new goal. He was sitting about 6th place for a Breed Win at the National level.

At that point, I informed my husband that for the next two months, he could forget having me home on weekends. Judy was busy having new litters, and I didn’t really have anything that I had to be home for. So off I went, driving almost every weekend to a show. Of course, it seemed that every show was at least 300 miles away. “Oh well”, I thought, “when would I ever again have a chance at not just an Regional Win, but maybe a placement for a Breed Win as well?” I had made a commitment to Judy to do my part in taking Rocky as far as he could go, and so for the next 6 weeks, either Judy & Hal or I, took Rocky to a show every single weekend.

And in the end…. GC, RW Gorbe Irani Rocky Road of Jude was 7th Best Cat in the Gulf Shore Region. And he placed as 2nd Best Tabby Persian at the National level. 🙂

It’s a show season I’ll certainly never ever forget. And Rocky? Well, he belongs to Judy and Hal now, and is very happy to have finished the show season and get to do what he’s wanted to do for a very long time… breed the girls.

Rocky’s Pedigree


GC Jude Rocky Racoon

Seal Lynx Point (carrying chocolate)

CH Pawdance Chocolate Commando of Jude

Chocolate Point

Noradawn Chocolate Warrior
Chocolate Point

Darling Purs Kaitlin of Pawdance
Chocolate Point

CH Vicketales Sprite of Jude

Blue Patched Tabby CPC

GC, DW Blueskyeyes Irish Coffee
Brown Tabby CPC

Cajungems Alpine Lace of Vicketales
Cream Point

Inrvision Cia Shab of Gorbe Irani

Black CPC (carrying chocolate)

Denans Cheyenne Kid


CH Bolo’s Target of Sagnelf

Marhei Lizzei of Jordanalisa

Noradawn Cover Girl

Blue-Cream Point (carrying chocolate)

Noradawn Proud As Punch Toni
Lilac CPC

Surrenitee’s Flower of Noradawn
Cream Point


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GC, RW Gorbe Irani Rocky Road of Jude

First ever chocolate tabby Regional Winner
First Chocolate or Lilac to ever finish in the top 3 breed winners!

Gulf Shore Region’s 7th Best Cat and Best Tabby Persian
National 2nd Best of Breed Tabby Persian