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GC, NW Velvetkist Don’t Touch My Tutu

CFA’s Second Best Kitten 2017- 2018 is a stunning dilute calico Persian girl with the unusual name of GC, NW Velvetkist Don’t Touch My Tutu. This gorgeous kitten was bred, owned and campaigned by Noralyn Heisig of Velvetkist Persians. This is her story.

My name is Noralyn Heisig. I began showing a household pet in TICA in 1996. After spending time in the show hall, I fell in love with the Persians. By 1998, I bought my first Persian and began showing in CFA. After showing in both TICA and CFA for awhile, I committed to CFA exclusively. I purchased GC, RW Seder Rennes Bellagio, a cream and white male bred by Peggy Huffman of Seder Rennes Persians. Bellagio became the foundation of Velvetkist Persians and the beginning of a very rewarding friendship and sharing of bloodlines between Velvetkist and Seder Rennes.

In 2013, GC NW Seder Rennes Estee Lauder and GC, NW Seder Rennes Moves Like Jagger (who’s mother, GC Velvetkist Simply Irresistsybil, is littermate to GC, NW Velvetkist Pack’n Heat) were national winners. I co-own both Estee and Jagger with Peggy. I had the pleasure of showing Estee to CFA’s Second Best Kitten 2012-2013. When Jagger and Estee had their first litter together, they produced Seder Rennes Adele. Peggy gave me Adele as a thank you gift for campaigning Estee to her NW. Seder Rennes Adele was never shown, but as the daughter of two national winners, she boasts a fantastic pedigree.

Adele’s parents

A Dramatic Birth

Noralyn Heisig with GC, NW Velvetkist Fiori Di Como

In the spring of 2017, I bred Adele to GC, NW Velvetkist Fiori Di Como. Fiori was CFA’s 10th Best Cat in 2011. As her pregnancy progressed, Adele grew bigger and bigger. As her due date approached she was huge. She went into labor three days early. After having normal contractions she produced a “bubble” followed by a single front foot. After some time of unproductive contractions with the foot going in and out, but no real progress, I knew there was something seriously wrong. I decided we needed to go to the vet.

It was after hours but my vet clinic is one of the best in the Baltimore area. They are open 24 hours and have eleven vets on staff, one of which is in house at all times. An ultrasound revealed that the kitten was enormous. He had arched himself into a horseshoe shape with 1 foot “out” and the other pierced through the wall of the uterus. It was an incredible image on ultrasound — the entire animal hospital staff came in to view it. Clearly, Adele needed an emergency c-section to extract the first kitten and save the rest of the litter. The surgeon removed the entire uterus with all five kittens still inside. The stuck kitten was stillborn but the other four kittens survived; two dilute calicos and two blue & white males.

Super Mom

Even though Adele was recovering from a major surgery she was a fabulous mom. She raised and nursed her babies almost completely herself. I only supplemented the newborns for their first week then Adele took it from there — stitches and all. The four surviving kittens were all beautiful, but I had my eye on one dilute calico girl in particular from a very young age. She was a puff-ball of fur — and she had the most incredible eyes; deep copper color. round and huge. Even as a small baby she had a magnetic personality. She was just a stand-out in every way.

When it came time to name her, I searched for the perfect moniker. “Don’t Touch My Tutu” is the name of an OPI nail polish color — a feminine, delicate, luminous, very sheer off-white shade. It was unusual and seemed perfect for my very special high-white, dilute calico kitten… and so she was registered as Velvetkist Don’t Touch My Tutu — Tutti for short.

The Campaign

As Tutti approached four months of age it was time for her show ring debut. She was a natural show girl. She loved the attention in the judging ring and would sit in the ring with her paws threaded through the cage door bars — “praying” as we called it.

Hard to resist a kitten this beautiful AND praying for her ribbon.

Whenever you begin a campaign, especially with a kitten, you start out with a goal… perhaps an RW… then if things are going well, perhaps you upgrade that goal to an NW. And, if the kitten is very special indeed, perhaps, just perhaps, you set your sights on Best Kitten. Twice before I had campaigned kittens to national wins; first with GC, NW Estee Lauder, and the second time with GC, NW Velvetkist Pack’n Heat. Both times they each were Second Best Kitten of the Year in CFA. No mean feat. This time, I couldn’t help but wonder if Tutti might finally achieve that elusive top spot of Best Kitten. But the competition in the kitten classes is always intense.

Tutti picked up momentum and zoomed up the standings. She earned many Best Kitten awards. She was Highest Scoring Kitten at the prestigious Cotton States show in November. Her point total was expanding nicely. The biggest CFA event of the year was the CFA International Show. Tutti was chosen as Highest Scoring Longhair Kitten. Then in the Best of the Best judging, Tutti was chosen as Best in Show! What a spectacular win. It was the high point of our campaign.

Noralyn and Tutti — Best of the Best at CFA International.
VELVETKIST DON’T TOUCH MY TUTU on her way to Best In Show at the International Show. (Photo by Chanan)
BIS VELVETKIST DON’T TOUCH MY TUTU with Noralyn Heisig and CFA President, Mark Hannon. (Photo by Chanan)

Tutti continued earning more Best Kitten rosettes after her Best of the Best at the International show. Her point total was growing fast. She moved into the #2 slot in the kitten standings. I was thrilled. Could she reach the #1 spot? Time was running short. She would age out in early January, so the end-of-the-year holiday shows were her last chance to improve her point total.

The December show counts were not quite high enough for Tutti to reach #1. At seasons’s end, GC, NW Velvetkist Don’t Touch My Tutu was CFA’s Second Best Kitten 2017-2018. I could not be more proud of my beautiful girl.

Now, some might say it must be bittersweet to just miss out on Best Kitten for a THIRD time — but I am philosophical about (as my best friend put it) once more being the bridesmaid, not the bride. Every national win is an accomplishment to be treasured and heralded. Tutti is a spectacular Persian. Her look is something I have worked to achieve for many, many years. If I could clone my cats, Tutti would be the mold I would use. When she turned eight months of age, GC, NW Velvetkist Don’t Touch My Tutu granded in 7 rings and retired from the show ring. I am now making plans for her future as a mother.

Perhaps she will be the dam of the next great Velvetkist kitten… and who knows, perhaps a future Kitten Of The Year.

More photos of GC, NW Velvetkist Don’t Touch My Tutu

Photo by L. Johnson
Photo by L. Johnson
Tutti with CFA Judge Larry Adkison
Noralyn with GC, NW Seder Rennes Estee Lauder

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GC, NW Velvetkist Don’t Touch My Tutu

Dilute Calico Persian Female

CFA Second Best Kitten 2017-2018

Born 5/8/2017

Sire: GC, NW Velvetkist Fiori Di Como
Dam: Seder Rennes Adele
Breeder/Owner: Noralyn Heisig

Photo by L. Johnson