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GC, GPD, NW Ivy Cat Quarterback

In 2011, CFA created a new title Grand of Distinction (abbreviated GCD or GPD). To earn the new title, a cat needed to earn 30 or more top 10 and/or top 15 finals per season over the course of three separate show seasons. On July 6, 2013, a brown tabby and white Exotic Shorthair neuter named GC, GPD, NW Ivy Cat Quarterback became the first cat to earn the new title. This is his story.

Quarterback Is Born

Ivy Cat Quarterback or “QB ” or “Q” for short… That is who he started out to be back in 2009 — a little brown mctabby and white Exotic that Pam DeGolyer felt she should keep for her breeding program. Little did anyone realize what his destiny would unveil. From his birth on Tax Day (April 15th, 2009) at Pam’s to his kitten career in the rings, through his stint in Championship where he earned his very first title — Grand Champion, Quarterback loved to show and entertained everyone with his antics, as well as earned his very first title — GC Ivy Cat Quarterback.

Sire: GC Sunstream Peyton Manning of Ivy Cat
Dam: CH Ivy Cat Harvest-of-Love
QB at just a few days old


Quarterback went on to sire some wonderful kittens, but Pam decided that she wanted to concentrate on her solid program and weed out her bicolors, so she opted to neuter him. In the spring of 2011, she offered him to us as his forever home and to show in premiership. We were not able to welcome him into our home at that time due to a precious grand-baby that was born way too early. Our daughter and our granddaughter came first. We were traveling back and forth from Atlanta to San Antonio for months and were unable to spend the time needed to socialize and integrate QB into our family. Pam kept him with her, and asked if it would be okay to bring him out to one show to earn his 6 qualifying rings in premiership for us. Much to everyone’s amazement, QB granded that day — He was a one show Grand, making numerous callback and top 10 finals. QB now held dual titles — GC, GP Ivy Cat Quarterback. 

Quarterback Comes Home

It wasn’t until late summer 2011 that we were able to welcome Quarterback into our home, hearts and lives. I knew that his show hall appearances would be too limited to attempt a National run because I was still committed to frequent flights to be with the baby. A National win would have to wait until the following year. But QB and I rarely passed up an opportunity to join Pam and friends at shows in much of the country. Pam was attempting a National Win with a black exotic, Ivy Cat Ram Tough, and my good friend Allennia Voerster was attempting her 1st with Marleevo’s Bugatti, one of the first longhaired exotics to achieve National recognition. By attending multiple shows with them, sharing hotel rooms and transportation, we were able to determine Q’s supporting judges for next season and accumulated enough points to have a top Regional Win. Now, Quarterback sported the title of GC, GP, RW Ivy Cat Quarterback.

Photo by St Arnaud

Q’s National Campaign

The time had come to add what we thought be his final title. It was opening day of season 2012-2013, and we were ready! Campaigning a cat is often like football – train to get into condition, learn about your competition, make a schedule and plan the season, and strategize to be a winner. Each weekend is like a new game – new competitors, new spectators, new places to play. There were hurdles to overcome, twists and turns, strategy to work out. Choosing the right playing fields became paramount to a successful finish in the standings. Week after week we watched QB “fly” up the pole the minute his feet touched the table, watched him wait patiently for the judges to finish “judging” him so they could scratch his back. Up went his “elevator butt” as other exhibitors used to call it. And towards the end of the season, that scratch, brought out his tongue going in and out, much to the joy and laughter of everyone ringside watching. From the first ring to the last, QB was thrilled to be the center of attention. Quarterback remained in the national standings from the first weekend until the last! He earned his National Win and added yet another title to his name — GC, GP, NW Ivy Cat Quarterback. 

QB playing on the judging table with Pam Bassett.

A New Title

It was sometime late in that national run season, that I heard about a new title that CFA was offering to cats that had 3 successful seasons of 30 finals each season — Grand of Distinction. I talked it over with Pam and she thought we should go for it since Quarterback already had two qualifying seasons. All he needed was one more, but could he do it? Although the title appeared to be within our reach, there are many things to consider before attempting yet another year out with the same cat. First and foremost, we had to consider the cat — was he still in condition? Was he still competitive? Did he still enjoy traveling, staying in hotels, going to shows? Were there any health issues that would warrant deciding to forgo this last title? Would his temperament hold for the duration? After considering all of this, we decided that QB was still competitive, still in good health and condition, and still loved to show so he was an excellent candidate for a 3rd season out. 

But we also had to consider why we would want to show the same cat again after he had earned his National Win. I’m a firm supporter of this new title for various reasons. Breeders, like Pam, depend on pet and premiership homes for the cats they do not need for their cattery. These cats come into our lives and stay for the rest of theirs. For the majority of people in premiership, it is not possible to continue to add additional cats to our home every year to continue enjoying this hobby, supporting the clubs with entries, and supporting CFA. Regardless of whether the cat achieved his Grand title, a RW or a NW, we still wanted to show him. We commend the board for developing this new title that sanctions, promotes and legitimizes the presence of our “repeat” cats in the show hall without regard to what they accomplished along the way! And we further hope that the stigma of “recycling” show cats is a thing of the past. Each and every cat that attempts to earn this new title is a pioneer and ambassador for CFA! So, with all things considered, we set a goal to help QB earn his Grand of Distinction.

Going For It

The start of season 2013-2014 was a rocky one for us. I missed the first few weeks due to emergency surgery while I was out-of-state attending my father-in-law’s funeral. Once recuperated, Quarterback and I set out on this final leg of his journey in the cat fancy. Very seldom does a cat come along that truly enjoys traveling, staying in hotels, and going to shows. QB is such a cat. He loves to go, loves to show, even this 3rd year in a row! 

July 6, 2013, in 5 just weekends of showing, Quarterback completed his 30 finals. His name officially became Grand Champion, Grand Premier of Distinction, National Winner Ivy Cat Quarterback — CFA’s first cat to earn the Grand of Distinction title.

Judge Jan Rogers chooses QB as her Best Cat — and it is this final that earned him the Grand of Distinction title.

With Thanks

We’d like to thank Pam Degolyer for entrusting this beautiful boy to our home and hearts. She has no idea what that special gift means to us! We’d also like to thank our endless stream of supporters over the years that rooted us on in all of our endeavors, including close friends and family and premiership exhibitors we’ve met along the way. We’d like to thank CFA for allowing us this opportunity to enjoy Quarterback on our show weekends these past three years and all the judges whose support spurned us on! But most of all, we’d like to thank Quarterback for allowing us to share these first three years with HIM in the show halls and here at home, with the hope of many more to come!

Our Next Adventure

Does this last success mean that QB is officially retired? No. He still has the rest of this 3rd season to go to shows, earn points, compete as any other cat would. Just because he finished his 30 finals, does NOT mean that he’s finished for the season. QB will still support local clubs with his entry and support other exhibitors by raising the count. We have new a youngster, Ivy Cat Furever ‘n Blue Genes, that needs ring time, but while we will turn our focus on him, Quarterback will still be an active part of our weekend hobby. In fact, he has already been invited to make appearances at a number of regional shows, as a competitive entry and/or as an ambassador for CFA’s newest title. He is already quite the media star with articles featuring him published in the CFA newsletter, the CFA National Winners review, Cat Talk, and (naturally) Quarterback is a history-maker!

More Photos of

GC, GPD, NW Ivy Cat Quarterback

GC, GPD, NW Ivy Cat Quarterback — CFA’s First Grand of Distinction
Photo by L. Johnson
QB as a youngster
Photo by St Arnaud
QB waiting patiently on the grooming table
QB with co-owners Jan Chambers & Pam Degolyer
QB chilling in the hotel
Ivy Cat Furever ‘n Blue Genes, Jan’s next show kitty

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GC, GPD, NW Ivy Cat Quarterback

Brown McTabby & White Exotic Shorthair Neuter

CFA’s 21st Best Cat In Premiership 2012-2013
CFA Southern Region’s 4th Best Cat In Premiership 2012-2013
CFA Midwest Region’s 5th Best Cat In Premiership 2011-2012
Multiple Best Cat Winner
5 Ring Grand

Born: April 15, 2009
Sire: GC Sunstream Peyton Manning of Ivy Cat
Dam: CH Ivy Cat Harvest-of-Love
Breeder: Pam Degolyer
Owner: Jan and Ed Chambers, Pam and Rick DeGolyer