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GC, GP, NW Laureden Abby Lynn of Czarcatz

CFA’s Fourth Best Cat in Premiership for 2012-2013 is a stunning blue cream lynx point Exotic Shorthair spay named GC, GP, NW Laureden Abby Lynn of Czarcatz.

She was born at Laureden on June, 11, 2008 — a pointed Exotic kitten with a nose slightly off center. Understandably, I thought that I had a crooked-faced pet… but the little girl was going to surprise me. At six weeks of age, as if by magic, her nose straightened. She is living proof that a kitten born with a crooked face can straighten out.

Abby Lynn as a kitten chomping on a fuzzy toy shaped like a carrot.

Abby Lynn

At two months, she looked like an alien — she had a big dome head and huge google eyes. Now the little alien needed a name. My son had named the kitten’s mom, GC Laureden Magically Delicious, DM, so, I asked his girlfriend at the time if she’d like to name this kitten. She suggested “Abracadabra”. I said we could call her Abby for short, but perhaps “Abracadabra” sounded a bit too masculine for a girl. I asked his girlfriend what her middle name was. Lynn. So that was how Abby Lynn was named after Eden’s girlfriend.

A Kitten National Winner

The little alien blossomed into a beautiful show kitten. Abby Lynn went to Madison Square Garden for her first show and received a “Best” from Barbara Sumner of the famed Bar-B Persian cattery. Barbara called Abby Lynn a miniature GC. She was awarded many Best in Shows as a kitten and by the end of the 2008-2009 show season, Abby Lynn was the 19th Best Kitten in CFA, campaigned by Jerry Kithcart and Steve Oster of JKZoo. She was Laureden’s first homebred national winning Exotic, and only the second pointed Exotic to ever earn a National Win in CFA.

Baby photo of GC, NW Laureden Abby Lynn of JKZoo, CFA’s 19th Best Kitten 2008-2009.

Momma Abby Lynn

After her national kitten win, Abby Lynn returned to Laureden to become a mom. In her first litter she produced GC Laureden Lavinia Of Compri. The following year she produced littermates GC JKZoo DJ Venture of Laureden and GC, RW JKZoo Vera Lyn Of Spellbound.

Then Abby Lynn gave birth to a phenomenal blue point girl that I named Laureden Hope. I had waited 25 years to give that name to a special kitten and Hope was everything I could ask for. She started showing as a kitten and was doing well. Then, the unexpected happened. We lost Hope to FIP at eight months of age. It was devastating in so many ways. So, the song keeps singing without the words.

Abby Lynn with her daughter, Laureden Hope.

A Judge’s Request

In 2011, Karen Godwin of Czarcatz Russian Blues was looking for a longhair breed to show as part of her requirements to becoming an Allbreed Judge in CFA. When Karen asked me if I had an Exotic she could show, I had to say no. I wanted to be able to give her something spectacular, and I just didn’t have the right kitten for her at the time. 

Six months later, Abby Lynn experienced difficulties with a severe urinary infection during her pregnancy. It was unresponsive to all treatment. She was a very special girl to me, not just to my breeding program, but personally. She slept on my bed every night. I wouldn’t risk her health so I decided to spay her. Once spayed, the infection cleared up and never reoccurred. I then realized that Abby Lynn would be the perfect cat for Karen — and that was how she went home with Karen in February 2012.

Karen Godwin & Abby Lynn

Abby Lynn’s Premiership Campaign

When Karen began showing her in premiership, Abby Lynn was over four years old. I was so proud of the fact that her coat showed no shading or striping. Even though she was clipped down several times, her coat always grew back in pale and clear. Her coat hadn’t darkened over time or from the hormones of pregnancy. She is a perfect example of how clarity of coat is indeed genetic. Abby Lynn is a stunning example of everything a mature pointed Exotic should be.

Photo by Chanan

When Abby Lynn was first introduced to the Russian Blues of Czarcatz, Karen thought they would run a few rings around her and she would just sit and stare at them in amazement. Just the opposite! Karen was surprised when Abby Lynn joined in and was running and jumping with them. She never realized that an Exotic could be so agile. 

For Karen, the real challenge was learning to groom an Exotic. She had shown a Persian during the 2003-04 show season, so she had an inkling of what lay ahead. It helps that Abby Lynn is the easiest cat in the world to bathe and groom. She stays where you put her and lets you do whatever needs to be done. I demonstrated my bathing and grooming routine from start to finish — just once. 

Karen was a quick study and totally dedicated to making sure Abby Lynn was perfectly presented. Fellow exhibitors teased Karen throughout the season because she got up at 2:00 am each show morning to bath and blow dry — a routine that took 2-3 hours from start to finish. The early mornings were definitely worth it though. Abby Lynn was meticulously groomed each and every time she was shown. 

On the way to the ring, draped over Karen’s arm.

Several times during the campaign I met up with Karen and Abby Lynn for a show, sharing a hotel room. In the room, Abby Lynn would sit with me for a bit — and then would sit with Karen for a time. It seemed like Abby Lynn was making sure to pay equal attention to both of us. We couldn’t help but smile. Our girl not only looks like a doll but behaves like an angel. It’s hard to believe she is real.

A few months into the show season, there was a weekend that Karen had a judging assignment but she felt there was a show that Abby Lynn shouldn’t miss. My daughter, Lauren, agented Abby Lynn at the show then brought her home to stay with me until Karen could pick her up.

Even after months of being away, Abby Lynn still remembered her favorite spot to take a nap – atop my dresser next to her own picture.

Abby Lynn snoozes next to her framed photo on Hope’s dresser.

The Second Time

By the end of September 2012, Abby Lynn had been to 21 shows. She was Best In Show a third of the time, and had accumulated over 4000 points. The CFA World Championship Show was made truly memorable for us when Abby Lynn scored high enough to be presented in the semi-finals of the Best of the Best, scoring Second Highest Longhair in Premiership. 

At the close of the 2012-2013 season, she was CFA’s Fourth Best Cat in Premiership and the top Exotic in Premiership. GC, GP, NW Laureden Abby Lynn of Czarcatz was a national winner for the second time.

Retired Again

When Karen first picked up Abby Lynn, she asked me whether she could bring her back after she was finished showing her. I am sure you can guess what comes next. Karen fell in love with her and couldn’t let her go… and that is why Abby Lynn has found a home forever in Karen’s arms.

More Photos of GC, GP, NW Laureden Abby Lynn of Czarcatz

Photo by Chanan
Photo by Chanan
Abby Lynn at 8 months when she granded.
Photo by L. Johnson

Karen has pillows made of Abby Lynn’s image as a gift for Hope and herself.

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GC, GP, NW Laureden Abby Lynn of Czarcatz

Blue Cream Lynx Point Exotic Spay

CFA’s Fourth Best Cat In Premiership 2012-2013
CFA’s 19th Best Kitten 2008-2009

Born: June 11, 2008
Sire: GC Compri Augustine
Dam: GC Laureden Magically Delicious, DM (CFA’s first pointed Exotic DM)
Breeder: H-L Gonano-J Kithcart-S Oster
Owner: Karen Godwin