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GC, DW Diapason Mitico Amore

CFA’s 6TH Best Cat International Division 2008-2009 is a stunning blue and white male Persian from Italy. His name is GC, DW Diapason Mitico Amore. This is his story.

My name is Diana Ciliento. I am an Italian living in the beautiful city of Milan in Italy. My cattery name is “Diapason”. The name was created by combining the first few letters of my family’s names:

Diana (my first name) + Paleari (my husband’s surname) + son ( in honor of my son, Alessio)

My adventure as a breeder of Persian cats began in 1990 when I acquired a cream Persian named Peter Pan. While showing him, I fell in love with the beauty and variety of the Bicolor Persians. After extensive research, I found a beautiful dilute calico in the United States who stole my heart. In January 1993, at ten months of age, McHy’S Just Pretty came to live with me in Italy.

GC, NW McHy’s Just Pretty

“Pretty” had a very successful national campaign as a kitten in CFA. She was many times Best Kitten including Best Kitten In Show at the prestigious 1992 Purina Invitation. By the end of the 1992-1993 show season, she was the 7th Best Kitten in CFA . GC, NW McHy’s Just Pretty was our first national winner. It was a wonderful start for Diapason Persians.

GC, NW McHy’s Just Pretty, CFA’s 7th Best Kitten 1992-93

The same year, again from the USA, I received a red and white Persian male, “Katra Red Hot Lover”. Together, these two cats became the foundation of the Diapason Bicolor Persian breeding program.

GC Diapason Xs Funny

Although Diapason is a small cattery, producing only a few litters each year, I was able to enjoy watching my kittens achieve great success in the show ring in both FIFé and CFA.

In 1997, my dilute calico kitten, GC Diapason Xs Funny, was the FIFé WORLD Best Kitten WINNER in Budapest. Then she was CFA’s 6th Best Kitten in the International Division for 1998-99.

The Special Breeding

I love breeding bicolor Persians because there is so much variety — each cat has its own unique splashes of colors. Like many bicolor breeders, my dream was to have a beautiful spotless van — a top quality kitten with color only on the head and tail… but it isn’t easy to produce a kitten that has that combination of both color and beauty.

I did have a lovely black and white van queen named Ghattas Alana of Diapason. I decided to bred her to a red and white bicolor boy, CH Candirand Rusty of Diapason. Because Rusty was not a van, I knew they would only have a 50% chance of producing van kittens.

Sire: Candirand Rusty of Diapason
Dam: Ghattas Alana of Diapason

The Three Brothers

In the spring of 2006, Alana gave birth to three kittens – all boys. Imagine my surprise when they were all high white!

Although each was lovely, one kitten stood out from the rest. Although he was the smallest of the kittens, I could not believe my eyes when I saw him born. My dream had come true. He was a stunning spotless van.

I called him “Diapason Mitico Amore”. Mitico Amore It is Italian for Mythical Love.

As Mitico developed in his first months, I was mesmerized by his open expression, large, round eyes, tiny ears, cobby body and the promise of a beautiful coat.

When the brothers turned 4 months old, we made plans to enter them in their first show. Mitico was the smallest in the litter and I felt he was just not ready. I decided to show his brothers and leave Mitico home, giving him more time to grow.

The three littermates, Mitico on the far right.
At 3 weeks Mitico was just a sweet ball of fur.
Baby Mitico at 7 weeks of age

As the months passed, Mitico grew more beautiful. Mitico has a heavy body, with a beautiful head with a perfect doming and he has very nice big round eyes.

He had a wonderful temperament with lots of personality. He adored being hugged and kissed. He was a sweet cat, not only with people but also with all our other cats, even including my other three males.

By the time Mitico turned eight months old, I think he could have gone to the shows and granded quickly, but I again decided to wait . It seemed to me that he still needed to do a bit more maturing.

Mitico at 8 months (Photo by Chanan)
Still maturing… (Photo by Chanan)

Mitico Grows Up

Finally, in early 2009, when Mitico was two years old, I felt he was ready to begin his serious show career. My patience was rewarded, when Mitico was an immediate success in the show ring.

In just four months, between January and April 2009, Mitico earned enough points to be CFA’s 6TH Best Cat in the International Division, Best Bicolor Persian in the International Division, and the Best Blue & White Persian in all of CFA. I was so proud. My belief in my little blue and white kitten had been justified. It had been worth the wait.

Mitico was finally all grown up! (Photo by Chanan)

Best Of The Best

Diapason Mitico Amore finished his show career with one final fantastic win when he was awarded “BEST OF BEST” at the World Cat Federation (WCF) World show in Novara (Italy) in April 2009. By the season’s end, he became GC, DW Diapason Mitico Amore, CFA’s 7th Best Cat & Best Bicolor in the International Division 2008-2009.

The Next Generation

Mitico has produced many lovely kittens, passing on his beautiful expression, big eyes, wonderful boning and coat along with his amazingly sweet character. Below are a few photos of his “kids” that are carrying on his quality in the next generation of Diapason Persians.

Mitico Kittens
Mitico’s brother, CH Diapason Lorenzo Of La Ciara (Photo by Chanan)
GC Diapason Oscar, another Mitico son (Photo by Chanan)
Mitico son, CH (INT/CFA/TICA) Diapason Scacco Matto Of (My) Fantasy Cat, multiple Best In Show winner.
GC Diapason My Little Dream, repeat breeding and full brother to GC Diapason Mitico Amore.

More Photos of GC, DW Diapason Mitico Amore

Photo by Chanan
Photo by Chanan
Photo by Chanan
Photo by Chanan

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GC, DW Diapason Mitico Amore

Blue & White Persian Male

CFA’s 6TH Best Cat International Division 2008-2009
CFA’s Best Bicolor International Division 2008-2009
CFA’s Best Blue & White Persian 2008-2009

Born April 27, 2006
Sire:CH Candirand Rusty of Diapason
Dam: Ghattas Alana of Diapason
Breeder/Owner: Diana Ciliento