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GC Ceylon Color Me Crazy

CFA's First Lilac & White Persian Grand Champion

Editor’s Note: It is not easy working with the chocolate gene. First, you have to find a cat with the gene. It is recessive to black, and it’s relatively rare, so unless you find another breeder specifically working with chocolates, it isn’t easy to find. If you fall in love with lilacs, that makes the challenge even bigger. Lilac is the dilute of chocolate, so you need two dilute genes before you produce the delicate color.

Chasity McCarty of Ceylon Persians loves Lilacs. When she first started working with the color, she dreamed of producing the first lilac bicolor Grand Champion in CFA — not an easy task. This is the story of how her dream came true…

Walking Down Lilac Lane

It all started the day Chasity’s first all-lilac bicolor litter was born. The same day, Chasity’s sister was in the hospital giving birth to a baby boy. Chasity left her husband home to birth the kittens while she was traveled to the hospital for her little sister’s big event.

What a day — to watch her nephew come into the world and then return home to a beautiful litter of four lilac & white babies — one girl and three boys! Pick of litter was the gorgeous high-white lilac female. Next in quality was a stunning (almost too pretty to be a boy) lilac bicolor male. Then there was another typey lilac & white male who was very promising and finally, another lilac bicolor male. In all, it was a beautiful, consistent-looking litter.

Baby Crazy

As time passed, the kittens grew and it was time for them to go to their new homes. The female had been spoken for since before her birth. The prettiest boy had been promised to a friend. This meant that the two best kittens might never step into a show hall. That left the two lilac bicolor males. Chasity opted to pet one out and so was left with the final baby boy. She dearly wanted to see at the least one of the kittens shown to its fullest potential so she advertised him available to a show home. There was interest from several breeders, however, no one gave any indication they would try to grand him.

That’s when a dear friend, Sandra Worrall of Pink Palace Persians, stepped up to the plate. Sandra is not a chocolate/lilac breeder, but she knew of Chasity’s dream of granding the first lilac & white Persian in CFA. She understood the importance of showing a rare color and she promised to show the kitten as much as possible, playing her part in an attempt to make breed history.

So it was that the kitten joined the Pink Palace family of smoke, tabby and bicolor Persians and Exotics. The kitten was christened Ceylon’s Color Me Crazy. The co-owners thought it a fitting name — as it takes a bit of courage and a touch of craziness to show a lilac & white in the very competitive bicolor division of Persians in CFA.

Kitten Crazy

As a kitten, Crazy was nice but a little bit awkward looking. He had good type, body and coat, but his ears were tall and high on his head. Being from a chocolate/lilac Persian program, his lines were slow to mature. His “team” knew they had a long road ahead, though they could never have guessed just how long that road would be.

Crazy attended a few shows a kitten and showed potential to be competitive. The foundation was there and he looked very promising. Crazy loved all the attention from the spectators and judges alike. Right away he began giving head bumps to the judges and pranced around on the judge’s tables. His clownish personality was never stifled by the commotion all around and newness of travel and the show halls. He was a born showman!

Crazy love the Judges.

Growing Up Crazy

Once Crazy championed at eight months, he blew his coat… but it wouldn’t be for the last time. Crazy would lose his coat repeatedly over the next year. And when Crazy dropped coat, he did it in a big way — all over, all at once, and nearly bald. He looked like he had been shaved and was half grown out. Before a show in Ohio, Sandra warned Chasity just how short Crazy’s coat was, but no words could have prepared Chasity for what she saw. Crazy would have looked at home in the Exotic ring! His short coat did not help his kitten ears that had grown faster than the rest of his body, and were perched high on top of his head. Unexpected, since his sire and dam had nice ears.

Crazy at 8 months old.

Fortunately, Chasity and Sandra were willing to be patient. They had nothing but time on their hands.

Showing Up Crazy

As Crazy continued growing and maturing his ears started moving down the sides of his large head. Months later, his coat was back, and off they went to the shows again.

Lilac is still an uncommon color to see walk into the show halls. The judges always commented on Crazy’s ethereal color and many looked up the color description in their books. Most also commented on his little lilac heart shaped nose and deep rich copper eye color.

Crazy still gave unconditional love to every judge he met and was happy to have a few minutes of their attention. One judge said to him that giving hugs and head bumps would not ensure a ribbon, but he should give him one for trying. Another judge commented that they should have points on whiskers because Crazy’s would win the prize.

A lot of the judges raved about Crazy’s eye color and said that it’s a rare thing to see such depth of eye color in a CPC.

Editor’s Note: The chocolate gene was originally introduced into the Persian gene poole by outcrossing Persians with Siamese when breeders were developing the pointed Himalayan. Although the recessive pointed gene may or may not have been lost from the subsequent generations, in CFA, all cats that lead back to the original crosses are designated as being colorpoint carriers. With the DNA test now available, many cats registered as CPCs have been proved to not actually carry the pointed gene.

Camera Shy Crazy

As much as he loved the judges, the one thing Crazy didn’t enjoy was having his photo taken. He’d sit down, and close his eyes every time. No toy in the world could make him move. Put the camera away and he was ready to play. No photographer was ever able to catch him sharing his wonderful personality in front of the camera. So we never had professional photo of our beautiful boy.

It Takes A Village

Crazy was finally in coat.

The Bicolor Division is arguably the most competitive division in Persians. It is often harder to get that purple ribbon than to final. It was nearing the end of the 2009-2010 show season and Crazy was scheduled to attend a few shows once again. He had fully matured. It took long enough, but when Crazy got his coat back, he was finally in tip-top condition. The days of “Jack Rabbit” Crazy were finally just a memory. It was time to get serious and try to wrap up his show career.

The path to granding Crazy was a slow one indeed. He didn’t attend shows weekly or even monthly due to Sandra’s schedule, or because of the status of his coat. When Sandra couldn’t make it to a show, friends volunteered to help. Sandra would bath Crazy first, then rendezvous with friends who were traveling to the show, who would then take Crazy to meet up with Chasity. Chasity would primp his coat before the rings and show him for the weekend. At the end of the shows, she’d kiss him goodbye and send him back with Sandra’s friends. Crazy’s show team kept expanding.

And the judges were responding to his maturity. He started making those finals. Chasity’s dream was closer and closer to becoming a reality with every point Crazy brought home.

One More Point

The day came when Crazy only needed one more point to finish. Everyone on the “Crazy Team” were excited. Sandra wanted to enter him in the last show of the season, but prior commitments meant she wouldn’t be able to attend. Neither could Chasity. Fortunately, Heaver Carver, another breeder who was a Crazy fan, offered to care for Crazy for a week and then exhibit him at the season’s final show — America’s Heartland Cat Show. Even though it would be disappointing for Chasity and Sandra to miss seeing Crazy grand (if it happened), the plans were made.

Crazy History!

Crazy granded with 210 points! Crazy went in the history books as the first Lilac & White Persian to grand in CFA. It was a dream come true for Chasity… and for Sandra and all the breeder friends and family who helped achieve the goal.

A Crazy Future

So that’s the story of Crazy, the history-maker. Crazy had never been pick of the litter — not even second pick. He was the “left over” kitten, looking for his destiny.

GC Ceylon Color Me Crazy
Lilac & White Persian Male
CFA’s First Lilac & White Persian Grand Champion
Born May 3, 2007
Sire: Rivikats Made To Order of Ceylon
Dam: Katz Caprice BetterBiDesign
Breeder: Chasity McCarty
Owners: Chasity McCarty & Sandra Worrall
Photo by Johnson

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Pictured is half-brother to GC Ceylon Color Me Crazy:

GC Ceylon’s Tax Odd-It

Odd-Eyed Lilac & White Male Persian

Born April 15, 2009
Sire: CH Rivikats Made To Order of Ceylon
Dam: Ceylon’s Mist In Sahyadri
Breeder/Owner: Tracey Weaver

Photo by St. Arnaud