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Easter Fun For Your Favorite Feline

Easter is such a festive season, colorful and with fantastic treats. It seems a shame to exclude our feline friends. After all, our cats bring so much to our lives. How could we forget them during any celebration? If you have kids, chances are your getting ready to make baskets and have a visit from the Easter bunny. Egg hunts and treats are the standard fun for this great day, but what about the cats in the house? You probably want to skip the Easter bonnet, but why not make an Easter basket for the kitties and come up with some fun games for them as well?

Create A Feline-Friendly Easter Basket

Making an Easter basket for kitty does not have to be complicated — just be sure the basket and its contents are safe for cats. Choose a festive basket, then fill it with your cat’s favorite toys and treats. As well as your cat’s reliable favorites, add a few ne toys to stimulate your feline’s interest.

Suggestions for a Kitty Easter Basket include:

  • A Catnip Plant: Kitties LOVE catnip — Read The Catnip Response
  • Plush Toys: (perhaps stuffed with catnip)
  • Cat Teasers
  • Feather Toys
  • Lattice Balls
  • Bouncing Balls
  • Gourmet Cat Treats
  • Low Calorie Cat Treats for kitties watching their waistlines

Stage A Kitty Easter Egg Hunt

Why not fill one of those great plastic eggs with something that makes a little noise? Cat treats perhaps? Or a cat ball with a bell inside? Choose an egg that is too big for your cat to swallow, but big enough to bat around — then let the fun begin. This is especially entertaining if you have a smooth floor, like wood or tile. A plastic egg can go a long way with one quick hit of the paw on these floors.

Make sure whatever you put inside the egg will be fun to indulge in once the egg “cracks open”. A little bit of catnip inside will make the effort of cracking the egg worth your cat’s while. A couple of cat treats would be appreciated too. Just don’t forget to enjoy the game with your cat. Check out the video below to get an idea of how much one cat LOVES his Easter egg hunt.

Avoid Decorating Dangers

As you are decorating for the holiday, take special care in choosing the plants you allow within in reach of your felines. Spring flowers and plants that are frequently given as gifts can be toxic to cats. Easter lily, tiger lily, rubrum, and Japanese show lily are just a few species of lilles, along with certain other members of the Liliaceae family that can cause kidney failure in cats.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate with greenery and beautiful flowers. Consider safer alternatives to Lethal Easter Lilies such as Easter Orchids, Easter Lily Cactus, Easter Daisy or violets. If you are giving a gift of flowers to a friend with cats, consider these choices to show you care about their beloved felines. While you’re at it, why not bring their kitty a basket as well? Every cat should have a little Easter fun.

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