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Devon Rex Kitten With Contracted Tendons Of The Hind Legs

Karin Weuts of Milaya Devon Rex had a small breeding program in Antwerp, Belgium.

The twisting of the hind legs is clearly evident in the Devon Rex kitten.

One Spring morning,  Karin had a litter of two Devons born — including a female kitten born with severely twisted hind legs.

As soon as she noticed the legs on her newborn kitten, Karin took her to several different vets in Belgium hoping to find an answer to what she should do. She was repeatedly told, “There is nothing that could be done about it. Just put it to sleep”.

Not satisfied, Karin continued looking for options to help her baby. She searched on the internet and found the online cat magazine,, and the article titled, Kitten Born With Twisted Legs (Contracted Tendons).

Karin then contacted the editor of, Lee Harper, by email and discussed treatment options.

Following the recommendations in the article, Karin performed massage and “mini-stretching exercises” diligently three times a day.

The legs became more and more flexible, assuming a more normal position, but at three weeks old the kitten was still crawling on her knees. Karin was understandably very concerned.

Once again she contacted Lee Harper.

Lee explained that occasionally, a twisted leg was so weak, that it fails to correct without more help than massage and stretching exercises. This is more often the case with twisted front legs as described in the article titled, Twister’s Story: Correcting Contracted Tendons Of The Front Legs. In this case, the front legs of the Oriental kitten described in the article needed to be braced.

Lee suggested that Karen’s Devon baby was in need of hind leg braces.

Karin contacted a Veterinarian-Orthopedist. The specialist showed Karin how to make mini-braces for the kitten that kept the hips in the right position and “turned” the legs in the right direction at the same time.

The Devon kitten shows off her braces.
A close up of the braces shows how the tape is applied and cross-braced.

Both hind legs were braced and taped individually to help them straighten. The legs were then cross-braced together to hold them in the correct position in relation to the hips.

Within just two weeks of having her legs braced,
the kitten was walking on all four feet for the first time!
Day by day the kitten became stronger on her hind legs.
The kitten, now named Lotus, was soon romping on the furniture just like any other kitten.

Bravo to Karin Weuts of Milaya Devon Rex and the orthopedist who refused to give up on this little Devon baby.

Request A Custom Treatment Plan For Your Kitten 

If you have a kitten born with twisted legs and would like to receive a Custom Treatment Plan:

  • Click on Request For Custom Treatment Plan. This will take you to a form.
  • Fill out the form with details about your kitten. Be sure to add several large, sharp photos of your kitten’s legs to the form.
  • Click on Submit to send the completed form.
  • After you submit the Request Form, you will be taken to a page to make a minimum donation of $50 in US funds.
  • You will be emailed a personalized Treatment Plan for your kitten within 24 hours.

Support Our Efforts to Help Kittens Born With Twisted Legs

We are dedicated to saving the live of these precious kittens born with twisted legs. They can grow up to lead perfectly normal lives if given proper physiotherapy. Too often veterinarians mistakenly think the kitten has a permanent deformity and recommend that the newborn baby be put down.

Please print out this article and share it with your veterinarian.

You are also encouraged to support our publishing more articles to help these kittens by making a donation. You can be part of helping these unfortunate newborns to overcome their rocky beginnings and to grow up to be healthy, strong felines.

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