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The Premier Online Magazine devoted
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Crafting With Cat Hair

The first words in the book Crafting With Cat Hair are, “No cats were harmed in the making of this book”. Meow! Published by the aptly named publishing house of Quirk Books, “Crafting with Cat Hair” was originally written in Japanese in 2009 by author Kaori Tsutaya and is now available translated into English by writer Amy Hirschman.

About The Author

Kaori Tsutaya is a Japanese freelance writer whose writings have been published in magazines and special-interest books. Kaori Tsutaya is in love (some would say obsessed) with cats. She exhibits her craft work and runs kitty craft workshops to inspire other cat owners to create projects with their feline’s fur. Her blogs “The Laws of the Cat” ( and “The Cat Hair Craft Room” ( are very popular in Japan.

About The Translator

Amy Hirschman lives in Los Angeles where she is a not just a translator but also a fellow crafter. She studied Japanese for four years at the University of Pittsburgh and has lived in Japan. Though she does not live with a cat herself, she is a favorite cat-sitter amongst her friends – so she does have some feline credentials. This is her first published translation.

The Idea Behind The Book

The idea presented in “Crafting with Cat Hair” is that if you and your home have a cat hair problem, rather than just vacuuming it up, you can get creative and create something unique with it. NOTE: Owners of Sphynx cats can cross this book off their book list. 🙂

Basic Technique

The book is filled with small projects, photos of the author’s cats, bits of cat humor, and practical tips on caring for your cat. It also includes a variety of cat patterns for the projects. Tsutaya describes how to make felt with cat hair, beginning with how you brush it from the cat. Wrapping layers and then shaping the material with soap and water produce a solid piece of cat hair fabric, which is made into the shape of a finger puppet. The other technique involves needle felting with cat hair, which is how many of the objects are decorated. Tsutaya also has instructions for cleaning and caring for the finished crafts. Readers are cautioned against shaving their cats. Rather, cats are to be gently brushed. Since the artistic medium here is cat hair, a large part of Crafting with Cat Hair details how to properly brush a kitty; be gentle, and do not, under any circumstances, brush backwards.


“There’s no other word for this book except: purrfect.” — Los Angeles Times

“Intensely cute…”— Publishers Weekly

“Quirky and the projects are super easy.”—

“It caught our attention.”— The Huffington Post

“You may think kitties are only good for getting hair all over your favorite chair and eating more kibble than you thought possible but Crafting with Cat Hair will show you how to turn cat hair into mittens, tote bags, book covers and more.”—

“ Personal projects that celebrate your cat and they look as cute as can be!”— Neatorama

“Put those furballs to work for YOU!”— Suvudu

“It’s bizarre, to be sure, but the appliques are kind of cute, too. This is a good one for your cat-loving crafty friends (and you know you have them).”— Austin American Statesman

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