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(CFA) GC, RW (CCA) GCH, CNW Sunsoar Jamaican Me Crazy Of Katrina-Cat

The Canadian Cat Association’s 12th Best Cat for 2009-2010 is a Blue Mackerel Tabby Exotic Shorthair Male named (CFA) GC, RW (CCA) GCH, CNW Sunsoar Jamaican Me Crazy Of Katrina-Cat. This is his story.

My passion for cats began in 1995 when I adopted a Himalayan named William. A few years later, my granddaughter, Katrina, and I visited a cat show in Montreal, Québec, Canada. It was there that we saw our first Foldex – and fell in love.

The Foldex is a new breed that was developed in Québec. It is produced by crossing an Exotic Shorthair with a Scottish Fold. The result is a cat with slightly folded ears, a round head, beautiful big round eyes and a plush coat. The Foldex has the look of a small teddy bear.

Brown Tabby Foldex Kitten

Katrina-Cat Is Born

I contacted Jeanne Barrette, a pioneer Foldex breeder, to inquire whether I could buy one of her kittens with folded ears. Jeanne offered me a Foldex male that we named Balzac.

A year later, a little Exotic female named Béatrice joined us to be a companion for Balzac. She was a delightful cat in every way. I was enchanted, and so I decided I would breed both Exotics and Foldex.

I registered my cattery name in 2001 and the first kittens of Katrina-Cat were born the same year.

My Goals

Katrina-Cat is a family cattery located a few kilometers from the major city of Montreal. We maintain a small breeding program, concentrating on quality rather than quantity. First and foremost, my goal is to produce healthy kittens with wonderful personalities. Over the years, I have worked with internationally renowned bloodlines, always with a view to improving the breed while providing the best home for our feline fur-babies. I show occasionally, breed a few litters each year, and have worked very hard promoting the acceptance of the Foldex breed. I am the current Foldex Breed Secretary in the Canadian Cat Association (CCA).

Jamaican Me Crazy!

By August 2009, I decided my small breeding program needed new blood. I began looking for an outcross Exotic Shorthair male. My hope was to find a boy that would improve both my Exotic Shorthairs and my Foldex.

My search led me across the US border into New York state. Shere Crossman of Sunsoar cattery was retiring from breeding and had a two-year old proven male available, a handsome blue mackerel tabby boy. I loved his photos on her website and in real-life he was even more impressive. Nicknamed Jam-Jam, Shere had shown him as a kitten in CFA where he was a multiple Best Kitten winner. As an adult he granded and then she campaigned him to 15th Best Cat in CFA’s North Atlantic Region in 2008-2009.

(CFA) GC, RW Sunsoar Jamaican Me Crazy of Katrina-Cat (Photo by Blue Sky Photography)

I couldn’t believe that she was offering me this phenomenal boy with all his CFA titles. I felt incredibly blessed. And so it was decided — GC, RW Sunsoar Jamaican Me Crazy joined the kitties of Katrina-Cat.

A Second Show Career

Even though Jam-Jam had already proven himself in the show rings of CFA, when he emigrated to Canada, I decided to show him in the Canadian Cat Association (CCA) . He quickly granded and although only lightly campaigned, he finished the 2009-2010 season as 12th Best Cat Nationally, and Best Exotic Shorthair in CCA. Jam-Jam could now add Canadian National Winner to his many titles!

(CFA) GC, RW (CCA) GCH, CNW (Canadian National Winner) Sunsoar Jamaican Me Crazy of Katrina-Cat

Papa Jam

As delighted as we were with Jam-Jam’s success in the show ring, it was the quality that he brought to our breeding program that has meant the most to us. He stamped both our Exotics Shorthair and Foldex kittens with his distinctive look and his sweet temperament.

A Son Is Born

In 2010, Jam-Jam was bred to CH Jerba Nicol Pyjama-Party of Katrina-Cat, a calico Exotic that I imported from the Netherlands. Two months later, Party gave birth to a colorful litter of six kittens including a cream mackerel tabby boy.

Six Stunning Shorthair Stars Sired by Jam-Jam

I named the cream tabby Jam-Session in honor of his father. When we began showing Jam-Session in CCA he was an immediate success — and the points started to pile up. He earned his Grand Champion title, then he was a Double Grand, next a Master Grand and finally he was awarded his Supreme Master Grand Champion title. He became Katrina-Cats’ first SMGC winner! Not to be outdone by his papa, Jam-Session went on to be the 2nd Best Cat in CCA in 2011-2012.

SMGC Katrina-Cat Jam Session followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming our first homebred National Winner!

Jam-Session’s success is a testament to the impact his father has had on our Exotic breeding program.

National Winner SMGC Katrina-Cat Jam Session CNW , CCA’s 2nd Best Cat 2011-2012

Once In A Lifetime

Jam-Jam has brought more to our lives than wonderful kittens. He is a sweet cat, affectionate and full of character. My family feels privileged that he is part of our lives. I know that one day soon, I will have to retire him. It will be very hard to make that decision… for Jam-Jam is our once in a lifetime kitty.

More Photos of (CFA) GC, RW (CCA) GC, CNW
Sunsoar Jamaican Me Crazy Of Katrina-Cat

Baby Jam Jam

A Few of Jam-Jam’s Kids

CCA National Winner SMGC Katrina-Cat JAM-SESSION, Cream Mackerel Tabby Male Exotic Shorthair
(CFA) grand-pointed (CCA) GCH Katrina-Cat HERMÈS, red & white Mackerel Tabby Exotic Shorthair
CH Katrina-Cat Bonaparte, Black/White Male Foldex Shorthair

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Sunsoar Jamaican Me Crazy Of Katrina-Cat

Blue Mackerel Tabby Exotic Shorthair Male

CCA’s 12th Best Cat 2009-2010
CCA Quebec Region’s 5th BEST Cat 2009-2010
CCA’s Best Exotic Shorthair 2009-2010
CFA’s North Atlantic Region’s 15th Best Cat 2008-2009

Born August 26, 2007
Sire : GRC Floricats Bacardi of Sunsoar 
Dam : CH Pawsh Looky-Luca of Sunsoar
Breeder: Shere L. Crossman
Owner: Muriel Bégin