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Cat Accidentally Shipped To Amazon

In the famous Schrödinger’s cat hypothesis, a cat in a box is both alive and dead until someone looks inside. In the case of the cat discovered inside an Amazon return package, it was very much alive. The missing cat was discovered by an Amazon warehouse worker after the feline was accidentally shipped over 500 miles from Utah to California in a large box of steel-toed work boots. The cat, named Galena, survived six days of travel with no food or water, but was discovered in relatively good shape by an Amazon employee.

Galina Is Missing

Galina’s owner, Carrie Clark, was mystified when her 6-year old, indoor-only kitty went missing from the family home.  She alerted neighbors to keep an eye out for the absent cat. She and her husband put up flyers and contacted friends and family for help. She posted Galina’s photo to a local Facebook group for lost and found pets. But it was all to no avail.  Galena had seemingly vanished without a trace. Carrie was frantic with worry… and heart-broken.

Galina is a distinctively marked short-haired calico kitty.

A Lucky Kitty

Carrie Clark (left) Galina (center), and her fairy-God-mother Brandy Hunter (right).

Then a mini-miracle; Carrie received a text notification saying Galena’s microchip had just been scanned: the cat had was in Los Angeles! At first Carrie thought the notification must be a mistake. How could Galina be 500 miles away in California? Then she realized she must had accidentally mailed Galina in the over-sized box of boots returned to Amazon. Like most felines, Galina loved carboard boxes of all sizes.

When the Amazon staff discovered a cat in the return box, they immediately notified Brandy Hunter, a co-worker at the California warehouse. Brandy, a self-described “crazy cat lady” is involved with feline rescue in her spare time. She took Galena in for the night, then to a local veterinarian the following morning. When the vet scanned Galena’s microchip the Clarks were instantly notified by text. The vet called the Clarks to confirm Galena was now in their care and doing well.

That wasn’t the only miracle. The box Galena was in was split open on one side, which gave her extra air to breathe. The temperature was also mild enough so that Galena didn’t overheat or freeze on her unusual journey.


The Clarks booked a flight leaving early the next day and traveled to California to bring their wayward feline home. Once reunited, Galina was quickly purring and snuggled up in Carrie’s arms. While Galina was thinner,  the veterinary check-up revealed Galina was none the worse for wear, having normal bloodwork and being only slightly dehydrated.

Galina revering from her journey.

The Clarks rented a car and drove 10 hours to return to Utah with their family now intact.

Final Thoughts

Carrie shared her final thoughts about Galina’s misadventure on Facebook, “We’re in awe of all the tender mercies that have taken place. Galena survived because of her microchip, Brandy’s kindness and generosity, and God’s grace.” 

The most important lesson to be learned from this story is to always microchip your cat… and if you have a cat, double-check those Amazon return boxes before taping them closed.

Galina still loves cardboard boxes… and makes herself comfortable in one whenever she can.

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