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Announcing The Cat Show Count

As discussed in the article titled It’s Not Whether You Win Or Lose , there were a variety of unfair campaign tactics that went on during the 2005-2006 CFA show season.

One example of questionable behavior was the withholding of the show count by some clubs, especially for the last few critical shows of the season.

Do All Clubs Announce Their Show Counts?

There is currently no rule that cat clubs must announce their show counts, however, it is standard procedure for cat clubs to announce their counts once their show has closed.

Why Is Knowing The Show Count Important?

Knowing the show count is often a critical piece of information in choosing the show that will give each cat its best chance at a successful weekend, in its owner’s opinion :-).

National campaigners (especially) often enter more than one show in a weekend, waiting for the show counts to be announced in order to determine which show would be best for them to attend.

Some of the national cats are looking for the highest count possible. For other cats, they may want a high count, but not too high in comparison to other shows for that weekend.

If Not One Knows The Count, What Does It Matter?

When a cat club chooses not to reveal the show count publicly, they do inevitably tell the count to some “preferred” campaigners.

Refusing to give the count to all exhibitors resulted in penalizing the people who didn’t know the count while the “in crowd” who knew the count gained an unfair advantage.

The Negative Effect Of Not Announcing The Show Count

Not knowing the show count negatively affects not only the national campaigners.

Regional campaigners do not usually want to go head-to-head with national cats. If a show’s count is high enough to attract national cats, the regional campaigner will often choose to go to a lower count show. By not announcing the show count, a cat club makes it impossible for the regional exhibitor to choose the show at which their cat has the best chance to be successful. If the regional campaigner arrives at a show expecting a certain count and then finds the count unexpectedly high and the show hall full of national campaigners, it will leave a very bad taste in the mouth of the regional cat’s owner — and it will mean that one more exhibitor will feel duped.

Stopping The Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Fortunately, ending the unsportsmanlike conduct of refusing to announce the show count is a simple thing to do. We live in an information age. It is time for the leadership of CFA to fashion a rule to ensure that clubs “play fair” when it comes to announcing their show counts. 

All that is needed is a simple rule stating that: “Within 24 hours of closing, all cat clubs must send their show count to be listed on the CFA Show Count Page on the CFA website.”

Making such a rule would guarantee that no club would play unfair and would also add more value to the CFA website, increasing its hits and raising its value in the eyes of exhibitors showing in CFA. CFA should also consider encouraging clubs to also announce their counts on the cfa-list as an added courtesy.

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