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Adding Curtains To Your Benching Cage

I discussed making a simple set of show cage curtains in the article titled, Making Cat Show Cage CurtainsNow that you have made your curtains, you will be setting them up at the show. If it is your first time showing, you can probably use a few tips about how your day will go…

Check In

The Entry clerk will usually be present at a table just inside the front door to the cat show. She will have a catalogue for you and your benching assignment. Your benching assignment is the number of the row on which your benching cage has been reserved.

If you prepaid your entry, the catalogues are usually laid out on the table in alphabetical order. Just find your catalogue and in the upper right-hand corner on the cover will be your benching row. You can just pick up your catalogue and proceed to your row.

If your catalogue is not laid out on the table, that means the entry clerk needs to speak to you. Most often you just need to pay for your entry if you have faxed or emailed it to her without a follow-up check in the mail. She will give you your catalogue after speaking with you.

Setting Up Your Cage

After getting your catalogue and benching assignment, find your “row”,

Your name will be written on your cage space and grooming space if you reserved one. There is usually a chair at each cage space also.

Unpack your curtains.

Remove the cage from the space and place it on the floor.

Try not to create an obstacle course for other exhibitors to trip over.  🙂

You will notice that the top of the cage is not connected at the back of the cage however is attached with hinges at the front of the cage.

Open up the top of the cage and fold it over against the front of the cage.

If there is a center divider and you do not want a divided cage, bend the hinged divider flat against the back of the cage. Use twist ties or several binder clips to fasten it into place.

I actually prefer to use a binder clip. Bring extras clips as you will find lots of little uses for then at the cat show – from pinning up your show schedule in your grooming space to attaching a small bag to the front of your cage to use to collect bits and pieces of trash such as stray kibbles and eye wipes.

Next, place the interior cage liner on the back and 2 sides of the cage by folding it in half lengthwise and draping it around all 3 sides of the cage.

Half of the fabric will fall on the inside of the cage, and the other half will fall on the outside of the cage.

Flip the top of the cage back into position. Fasten it with more Binder Clips.

Lay the bottom piece of your cage curtain down in your cage space. Allow the material to drape over the front edge of the table to within a couple inches above the floor.

Some people like to place a see-through plastic vinyl down over the fabric to make clean up easier if you cat spills its water or food (Or litter).

Place your cage back on the table over the bottom curtain. Drape the top piece of your cage curtain over the top of the cage, letting it cover both the sides, as well as most of the back.

Let it fall 2-4 inches over the front of the cage,

Inside your cage you may want to place a small litter box, your cat’s food and water, a bed and toys or anything else you think your show baby needs to be relaxed and happy.

And lastly, put your cat in the cage 🙂

On top of the cage is a great place for a cattery sign, business cards, photos and even extra decorations like boas, fans, umbrellas and props of all sorts.


The top of the cage is NOT a good place to put drinks as if they spill, they may spill on your cat.

Tuck your carrier, a cooler, purses etc. underneath the table behind the bottom skirt… and you are ready to show!

Video Of Setting Up Your Cage Curtains

Of course, it always helps to look at a video…


After the Show

Packing up to leave is called “Breaking Down Your Cage”. If judging is still happening, try to be quiet about when breaking down your cage. Take your curtains off the cage in reverse order to how you put them on. Clean your area completely. Do not throw litter in the garbage pails unless management says okay. If you don’t plan to keep your rosettes, ask the club if they wish to recycle them. Loading up you car, do not block other people. Wave good-bye to your fellow exhibitors. Drive home, take 5 days to recover and load up for the next show weekend. 🙂

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Most Himalayans prefer being “four on the floor” type cats rather than climbing up on high places.