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The Premier Online Magazine devoted
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A Cat Gets a Second Chance

This is the story about one of those hard luck kitties that veterinary professionals come across all too often. The time was early spring. One day a very pathetic looking, skinny, flea-and worm-ridden black and white cat was literally dumped on the doorstep of a small veterinary hospital. The poor cat was covered in dirt, feces and urine, and had several open infected wounds on its back. But most shocking of all, his back legs were completely paralyzed from the hips down. If cats have nine lives, this poor kitty didn’t have many left.

The veterinarian took one long, sad look at this poor abused cat and she was heartbroken. But the kitty looked up at her with his big yellow eyes and the rest is, as they say, history. She saw something in his eyes — his spirit shining through — and she was able to look past his injuries. She saw he had the will to live. After consulting with the rest of the hospital team, the doctor agreed to give the little guy a chance… and so thus it was that he earned his new name and was christened “Second Chance”.

An x-ray was taken of his back but no broken bones were found. He was neutered, tattooed for identification, had his parasites treated, and his sores cleaned and disinfected and slowly he was nurtured back to health. He even began a specially designed program of physiotherapy several times daily to increase his muscle strength.

After about a month, the doctor declared that Chance had gained enough strength that he was able to hold his upper body off the floor. He was getting so strong that he was starting to move around the hospital, dragging his back end behind him. Since he really couldn’t use a litter box, the all-female hospital staff took turns following him around with a mop cleaning up his “accidents”. It was soon obvious that he needed a diaper. A trip to the store resulted in a purchase of newborn size 1’s for him. They cut a hole for his tail and it worked… custom kitty diapers.

As Chance became more mobile, a second problem became evident. The friction created as he dragged his hind legs was causing open sores on his knees — so one of the members of the hospital team designed special “jeans” for him to protect his legs. He has several pairs, and even has a pair of red pants that go with his Santa hat for Christmas!

Now the veterinarian decided that Chance was so strong, and so healthy, it was time for him to acquire some transport “assistance”. And so plans were made for Chance to make a special trip to Whitbey Island in Washington State to be fitted with a kitty “wheelchair”. He now z-o-o-o-o-ms around the hospital, keeping an eye on all the patients and generally charming all who meet him. He has even been featured in the city’s local newspaper. Chance is a celebrity!

Chance is kept very busy as the hospital’s official “greeter”. When he needs a nap, he drives right up to his thick cushiony bed and “parks” for a well-deserved rest. While his saviors and the many friends Chance has made at the hospital have never lost hope that one day he might be able to walk again, for now he seems very content in his position of floor sweeper and keeper of the cat treats.

And of course, he has a huge fan club, many of who stop in just to say “hi” to him… the kitty who got a second chance!

Chance even has a doppelganger — his feline mini-me.

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“Cats are smarter than dogs and more attractive, and we don’t drink from the toilet!”
* Sassy, the cat from the film Homeward Bound