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This Issue Published: Tuesday, September 19, 2023
Next Issue: Tuesday, October 3, 2023

The Campaign Show
Member Article

Exhibitors often talk about the "campaign show"... but what exactly is a campaign show anyway?


Conditioning Bath for Your Cat
Member Article

Knowing when, why and how to give the perfect conditioning bath will prepare your cat's coat for the show bath that will produce the perfect results.


Inflammatory Bowel Disease In Cats
Member Article

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is not a single disease but is a syndrome characterised by gastrointestinal disorders caused by the body's reaction to chronic irritation when inflammatory cells invade the wall of the stomach and/or intestines. 


Medications For
Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Member Article

Corticosteroids are the cornerstone of treatment for inflammatory bowel disorders (IBD) in cats but may be used in combination with other drugs. This article looks at the most common drugs used to treat IBD...


Hip Dysplasia In Cats
Member Article Revisited

At one time, it was thought that cats were not affected by hip dysplasia. We know know better. Learn the symptoms and treatment for this painful condition.


Avoid Being Bitten
Member Article

Cat bites can be painful as well as dangerous, but you can avoid being bitten if you take the right precautions...


How To Read A Pedigree
Free Article

There is a knack to reading and evaluating a pedigree. Lean what to look for...


Choosing A Cattery Name
Free Article

Choosing the perfect cattery name is part of the fun and excitement of taking your first steps along the road to being a breeder.


Feng Shui For Your Cat
Free Article

Good Shui: All the tuna you can eat . . .
Bad Shui: A cat lying across the top of the stairs . . .


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