A High Flying Feline

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Romain JantotĀ is an ultralight pilot and flight school instructor in French Guiana. 

In the spring of 2018, Roman was taking a first-time passenger up for a 20 minute tour when less than a minute into the flight, he realized they had a feline stowaway aboard the tiny open-cockpit plane.

Watch the video below . . . paying special attention to the upper right-hand corner . . .


Unbeknownst to either the pilot or passenger, a daring kitty had chosen to take a catnap between the two translucent layers of the craft's wings. Once in the air, the intrepid kitty made its way towards the occupants in the cockpit. The looks on both Jantot and his passenger's faces as they discover the daring mouser inside the wing are pretty priceless.

While the kitty was safe wedged between the two layers of the ultralight's wings, if it attempted to jump down into the cockpit while in flight, Roman was afraid it would then fall out of the small craft.

Roman immediately slowed the plane's speed and executed a slow turn and headed back to home base.

Fortunately, neither the humans nor the kitty overreacted, and the way-too-calm-for-the-situation cat quietly held its position on the wing for the duration of the brief flight.

Once safely on the ground, the kitty was discovered to be a female aviator. The intrepid kitty has now become the flight school's unofficial mascot. Perhaps they should name her Amelia . . .

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