I Am Not Cattery Blind

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Found in many catteries of pedigreed cats, cattery blindness is a "disease" which renders a breeder incapable of seeing faults in their own cats.

Cattery blind breeders tend to twist and distort their breed standard to justify or "fit" the cats they breed.

Because serious faults can become set in a couple of generations, unless quickly diagnosed and treated, cattery blindness can be fatal to a successful breeding program.

The most obvious symptom of cattery blindness is an inability to see and appreciate the good qualities in a competitor's cats combined with an unshakable belief that their own cats are perfect (or near-perfect).

Here is a little poem written by an anonymous breeder who is confident that they are "not" cattery blind . . .



Though some folks think I am, I'm not;
Though YOU perhaps show signs,
But in us it's surely justified:
Just LOOK at our cat's lines!

They really can't be faulted,
Which is more than some can say,
And the kittens WE'VE bred are perfect,
And will beat the lot, someday.

You certainly have reason
To be SLIGHTLY cattery blind;
Your cats ARE bred from my cats,
And there ARE no faults in mine!

But doesn't it just sicken you
to hear that Mrs. Bing
Has KITTENS from her ghastly pair
Due later in the Spring?

You wonder that she had the NERVE
To breed from "A" and "B;"
He's ugly; and she's awful;
And they surely have HD.

Remember when her import
Beat my cat? Well, I'm no prude,
But I hear on good authority
The judge that day was stewed!

Reminds me of the cat from back East
That always wins at shows
But only under judges
That the owner really knows.

And how about the cat from the West
That won the other day?!
I hear the owner had THAT judge
Around her place to stay!

Exhibitors are a jealous lot
I'm sure you will agree;
They seldom have a good word
For the winner . . . but not me!

I never mind when beaten
By a better cat than mine;
But he's not been born — AND NEVER WILL . . .

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