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If you have young children, you are probably busily deciding what costume each youngster will wear for Halloween. If you are in your twenties you may be donning a creative costume to attend a chic holiday party for modern adults. And if you are a bit quirky and silly, and a cat lover, you may be dressing up your favorite feline on the big day.

Should you fall into this latter category, below are some ideas for you to consider when choosing a costume for your cat...

Happy Halloween!

Argg! Matey!

Mom made me wear this stupid Pirate hat too...

A be-witching silver Persian


A top-hat-ted Birman


A Devilish Feline

Harry Potter Pussy-Cat

Love My Pigtails... or are they cattails?

A Bewitching Kitty


The Bat Cat

The Penguin Puss

Princess Kitty



Bi-Color in a Yamaka

Cat's Eyes

Hocus Pusscus

How come I'm the prisoner and the dog is the jailer?

Tiger Baby...

This Persian won first place in a Halloween costume contest!
Arlene Sabino of Allendale showed lots of creativity when she dressed
her 7-year-old shaded silver, Romeo, as a Q-tip for Halloween.
Officially SimbaKui's Romeo of Allendale, Romeo's breeder is Tracy Smith of SimbaKui.

This black Exotic Shorthair dressed as a bumble bee is Sunsoar Sambucca
owned by Muriel BÉGIN of Katrina-Cat Exotics and Foldex, Quebec, Canada

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