A Gift For Our Readers!

Seventeen years ago, an intrepid band of crazy cat ladies and computer nerds worked furiously to give birth to an entirely new concept—an ONLINE magazine about Persian and Exotic cats . . . and PandEcats.com was born!

PandEcats.com was conceived to be the ONE place to find the answers to the needs and concerns of the dedicated breeder and exhibitor of Persian and Exotic cats.

It was a giant leap to produce a magazine online instead of a traditional print edition . . . PandEcats.com became part of the electronic revolution.

17 years later PandEcats.com has published more than 400 issues . . . over 3000 individual articles . . . almost 20,000 photographs . . . and still counting . . .

With almost 100,000 visitors every issue, our readers include cat breeders and exhibitors, judges, veterinarians, feline researchers, cat rescuers . . . and just plain ole "cat lovers " interested in learning more about their favorite animal.

PandEcats.com has members around the world — from Alaska to Argentina, from Finland to South Africa, from Russia to Australia.

PandEcats has been awarded the Cat Writer's Association Muse Medallion as best online magazine as awarded by the Cat Writer's Association.

Everyone involved with PandEcats.com devotes an incredible amount of time and talent—authors, editors, photographers, veterinarians, consultants, web designers, computer experts—but on our birthday special mention must be made of three people who are an integral part of the fabric of PandEcats.com . . .

Associate Editor, Kathy Durdick of Ristokat Himalayans, is not only a regular author, but Kathy uses her considerable programming skills to maintain all the databases for our Breeder Directories, The Gallery and the pedigrees on our sister website, CatPedigrees.com.

Dr. Leah Montgomery is our consulting veterinarian who ensures that all our medical articles are accurate, keep us informed of the latest advancements in veterinary medicine, suggests topics and helps with replying to Ask The Expert questions.

Marg Peppler is the incomparable proof-reader of every article in each issue of PandEcats.com. Without Marg's eagle-eye our pages might be littered with typos.

A Gift For Our Readers

Of course, PandEcats.com couldn't continue to exist without our readers. To thank you for your support and loyalty we are offering each of our readers (both Members or Non-Members) a gift — to add THREE cats to The Gallery FREE OF CHARGE. PandEcats.com created The Gallery to build a photographic record of Persians and Exotic Shorthairs as a legacy for all breeders. The Gallery currently contains photos of over 2600 Persians & Exotics, with many linked to full pedigrees on CatPedigrees.com.

To claim your free gift, CLICK HERE . . . and thank you all for 17 wonderful years . . .

Editor, PandEcats.com


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