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  • * Queens Sharing Kittens
    Have you ever had two female cats want to try to steal the other's kittens? Or decide they are going to share their kittens? Learn what you should do when this happens...
    September 2012

  • * Questions To Ask Regarding Paperwork Before Buying The Cat
    Caveat Emptor is Latin for "Let the buyer beware" . . . To avoid the possibility of future problems, the smart purchaser will make sure they have all the information and relevant paperwork for their new cat . . .
    February 2014

  • * Questions To Ask The Cat Breeder
    Have you ever thought about what questions you should ask when you are choosing a breeder from whom to purchase your next show cat? How about if the positions are reversed? Are you prepared to answer the inquiries from the typical kitten buyer?
    February 2011

  • Quilt Maker
    A talented quilt maker produces heirloom-quality quilts created especially for the pampered feline :-).
    November 2004

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