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  • * L-Lysine
    While L-lysine supplements will not prevent Feline Herpes Virus, conjunctivitis or upper respiratory infections, they may reduce the symptoms and speed recovery. Learn more about L-lysine . . .
    January 2014

  • * Labels on Your Shipping Carrier
    When shipping your cat, there are a few tips about labeling your carrier that may help your cat arrive quickly and safely to its destination.
    September 2016

  • * Laser Light As A Training Tool
    While a laser light is most often used to play with your cat or provide it with healthy exercise, it can also be a valuable training tool to teach your cat specific commands and obedient behaviors.
    May 2013

  • * Laser Light Therapy for Cats
    Veterinarians are increasingly using laser therapy in addition to traditional treatment plans. Learn more about laser therapy and the conditions it can be used to treat . . .
    January 2016

  • * Laser Light Toy
    Oh that bouncing little red dot cats and humans love it. But do you know that there is a right and wrong way to play with your cat using a laser light? Learn the correct technique to provide your cat with both mental exercise and an enjoyable workout when playing with a laser light. . .
    March 2013

  • GC, GP, NW Laureden Abby Lynn of Czarcatz
    CFA's Fourth Best Cat in Premiership for 2012-2013 is a beautiful blue cream lynx point Exotic Shorthair girl named GC, GP, NW Laureden Abby Lynn of Czarcatz. This is her story . . .
    May 2013

  • Learned Along The Way
    A HHP exhibitor shares the lessons learned along the way while campaigning her tabby to her first International Win in TICA
    May 2005

  • * Lease Contract
    When leasing a cat, smart breeders have a detailed Lease Contract to prevent misunderstandings and false expectations.
    January 2004

  • * Lease Contract (Sample)
    An example of a general lease contract suitable for use by cat breeders.
    January 2004

  • * Leasing A Cat
    There are many situations in which two breeders may enter into a lease agreement - and the conditions can vary as widely as the people and their situations.
    January 2004

  • * Les Pooch Shampoos & Rinses
    Grooming products used by cat exhibitors are often discovered in the world of the dog fancy. The latest popular shampoos and creme rinse is no exception. Check out the product line from the French company, Les Poochs . . .
    April 2013

  • Lesson Of The Goose
    Whenever a goose falls out of the formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of trying to fly alone and quickly gets back into formation to take advantage of the lifting power of the bird in front... Are you as smart as a goose?
    March 2009

  • Lessons Learned Living With Kittens
    A breeder reveals the sometimes painful lessons his kittens have taught him....
    July 2005

  • Lethal Lilies
    With the Easter holiday fast approaching, every cat owner must be alert to the fact that Easter lilies are toxic to cats.
    April 2004

  • * Light & Heat Cycles
    Did you know you can use light to encourage your female cat to come into season - or to discourage her from cycling too. This article tells you how.
    November 2016

  • * Light Bulbs For Odor Control
    A new type of light bulb can be used to control odors and bacteria in a cattery environment!
    April 2015

  • * Lime Sulfur Dip
    Lime Sulfur dips are an important treatment for combating Ringworm.
    May 2006

  • Lime Sulfur Shampoo
    An effective topical treatment against Ringworm is to shampoo your cat with a Lime Sulfur shampoo.
    October 2002

  • * The Lion Cut
    As we enter the hottest days of summer, many cat owners consider clipping their kitties to make them more comfortable. The most popular, and most variable, feline clip is the "Lion Cut".
    July 2015

  • * The Lion Cut: Unusual Variations
    For those people who like to march to a different drummer, check out these unusual variations of the classic "Lion Cut". . .
    July 2015

  • * Litter Box Cleaning Station
    Design an outdoor area for cleaning litter boxes that make this chore almost fun!
    September 2017

  • * Litter Box Options
    The size, shape and style of litter box that you choose can make a difference in how easy it is to maintain your cattery. The right litter box can even affect the health of your cats. This article discusses your options and how to choose the litter box that works best for your situation.
    March 2013

  • * Litter Options
    Eenie-meenie-minie-mo? Things about litter you really should know!
    June 2002

  • * Litter Scatter
    There are several options you can consider to help keep the area around the litter box tidy by reducing or containing scattered litter . . .
    July 2013

  • * Liver Disease In Cats
    The liver performs vital functions in the body, and if diseased, can prove fatal
    November 2017

  • Loading A Syringe With Nutrical
    An easy way of feeding Nutri-Cal to an uncooperative feline is by loading it into a syringe. Lean how!
    August 2005

  • Longhaired Exotics Accepted For Championship Status In CFA
    At long last, CFA has accepted the Longhaired Exotic to be shown for titles in the show ring. There are some compromises of which you should be aware....
    February 2009

  • * Look at CFA Titles
    Ever get confused at how many different ways you see people writing the titles for their cats in CFA? Or wonder about the abbreviations, and which one is correct??
    November 2016

  • Looking Back, Looking Forward
    One season is past. Another season has begun. It is that unique time in the cat fancy when we all look back and look forward together . . .
    May 2018

  • Lucy Rand: Animator Extrodinaire!
    Lucy is a cat lover - and an outstanding creator of cat animations!
    July 2002

  • GP, NW Luvely Alesana: CFA's 25th Best Cat in Premiership 2016
    GP, NW Luvely Alesana, a beautiful black smoke Persian spay is CFA's 25th Best Cat in Premiership 2015-2016. Better known as "Ali", this stunning girl was bred by Tashia Lyons of Luvely Persians and is co-owned with Lena Bradshaw of Persipals Persians. This is their story.
    May 2016

  • GP, RW Luvely BringMeTheHorizon
    GP, RW Luvely BringMeTheHorizon is a shell cameo Persian owned and bred by Tashia Lyons. This kitty's unusual color is very rare and is seldom seen in the show halls. This stunning kitty was CFA Northwest Region's 12th Best Kitten for 2012-2013. This is his story . . .
    August 2013

  • * Luxated Patellas
    A luxated patella is a genetically transmitted condition that causes the knee cap to slip out of position when the joint is moved, usually resulting in lameness.
    April 2008

  • Lynx Point Himalayan Color Class Change 2002
    Himalayan Color Class changes, effective May 2002
    May 2002

  • Lynxpoint Himalayan Color Class Change 2006
    CFA separates the Tortie Lynx Points and Blue-Cream Lynx Points
    May 2006

  • * Lynxpoint Kitten
    How soon can you tell if a kitten is going to be a lynxpoint - or not?
    October 2003

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