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  • * E. Coli 'Blooms'
    Acute or chronic diarrhea that fails to respond to normal medications may be the result of an overgrowth of E. coli bacteria in your cat's digestive tract.
    February 2018

  • * Ear Mites In Cat
    The most common ear problem in cats is caused by mites. Learn some simple solutions to rid your cat of these pesky parasites.
    November 2002

  • * Ear Polyps
    Feline inflammatory polyps can be a serious problem. This article discusses symptoms, diagnosis and treatments.
    November 2018

  • * Early Neuter Spay
    Neutering or Spaying Kittens before the age of 4 months is safe and comes with great advantages for the responsible cat breeder.
    August 2018

  • Early Retirement (For Your Breeding Cat)
    Early retirement is something most of us dream about . . . but what about the cats in your breeding program? Don't they deserve an early retirement too?
    April 2018

  • * Earthbath Cat Care Products
    Earthbath products are a line of all-natural pet care shampoos, conditioners and spritzes.
    April 2007

  • Easter Dangers To Your Cat
    Each year hundreds of cats become seriously ill as a result of their family's Easter festivities, so keep your feline safe by being aware of the common dangers that Easter can pose.
    March 2018

  • * Easy Grand
    Granding your show cat can be easy... or it can be more of a challenge.
    October 2001

  • * Easy Steps To A Healthier Cattery
    Maintaining a healthy cattery begins with the basics. Here is a recipe for greater success.
    March 2017

  • * Eclampsia
    Every breeder should be able to recognize the signs of eclampsia - your queen's life may depend on it.
    October 2003

  • * 800 Numbers For Suppliers
    A comprehensive list of 800 numbers for companies with products of interest to the cat fancier.
    April 2003

  • Eight Ways To Treat Your Pet's Allergies While Reducing Your Veterinary Fees
    Veterinarian, Dr. Andrew Jones, shares home remedies for common pet allergies.
    October 2015

  • Eight Foods You Should Not Feed Your Cat
    Learn the eight foods that are bad for your kitty!
    March 2017

  • * Eight Major Factors That Affect Coat
    Nothing is quite as glorious as a Persian with coat dripping to the floor or an Exotic with a coat that your hand just sinks into. Learn about the 8 major things that affect how much coat your cat will have - and what you can do to help your Persian look
    March 2002

  • * Eliminate Fleas Within Hours
    Recently a new product has been announced for use against fleas - called Capstar. Capstar starts working to kill adult fleas within 30 minutes, wiping out 90 percent of them on cats within 6 hours? all with a single dose.
    May 2001

  • * Eliminating Coccidiosis In A Cattery
    If your cattery is having an issue with weaning kittens developing diarrhea, it may be due to coccidiosis. Learn the preventative protocol that can eliminate the problem completely.
    July 2017

  • * Eliminating Fleas In Your Cattery
    Mid-simmer is flea season. Even if a cat lives completely indoors, it can become a victim of the little varmints. In a cattery situation fleas can become a life-threatening situation for newborns and vulnerable kittens, so it is essential to eliminate them ASAP.
    July 2016

  • * Eliminating The PK Deficiency Gene From Your Breeding Program
    There is a simple DNA test available to determine if a cat has the PK Deficiency gene. This article explains in detail how after testing, a carefully planned program can be implemented to eliminate the PK Deficiency gene from all breeding cats within just a generation or two.
    June 2014

  • * Elizabethan Collar
    An Elizabethan collar is a simple, but often essential addition to every cat breeder's medical kit. Learn about its uses, proper fit and different styles...
    November 2008

  • * Emails & Show Brags
    There are two basic 'styles' of show brag... there is the individual type and there is the more involved show report style. Choose the one that will work best for you and learn how to write it well.
    October 2000

  • Encouraging Junior Showmanship
    You may find these tips on how to encourage more children to become involved in the cat fancy very helpful...
    July 2007

  • * Energel
    This feeding supplement has many uses for the cat breeder
    April 2006

  • * Enlarging Small Nostrils on a Persian Cat
    More common with Persians and Exotics, any cat breeder can produce a cat with small nostrils. But there is no reason for cats with this problem to suffer. Easy, inexpensive laser surgery can make the cat more comfortable overnight - literally. See the results in before and after photos.
    March 2017

  • * Entry Clerk
    Entry clerks may be one of the most under-appreciated pa/members of the cat fancy. Learn more about their many responsibilities.
    September 2005

  • * Epinephrine
    Epinephrine is primarily used to treat anaphylactic shock - a severe allergic reaction to an allergen such as an vaccine, an antibiotic or an insect bite. Learn more about why this drug is an important part of the cat breeder's emergency kit ...
    February 2010

  • Evacuation Kit For Your Cat
    Mollie prepares a kit for her cats in case she has to leave home on short notice such as in an emergency, a fire or flood.
    January 2018

  • * Evaluating A Cat And Its Pedigree
    Whether searching for a new cat to bring into your breeding program, or wondering which kitten to keep from the season's 'crop', the decision-making process begins with evaluating the individual cat and its pedigree...
    August 2016

  • * Evaluating A Cat From Photos
    Whether you are buying or selling, knowing how to evaluate a cat's structure from its photo is a valuable skill to develop.
    September 2013

  • * Evaluating A Pedigree By Titles
    Pedigrees are an important ingredient of every breeding program. Knowing how to evaluate different pedigrees is an essential skill that the smart cat breeder must learn. This article teaches you how...
    June 2012

  • * Evaluating Coat
    There is no breed of cat who can boast quite the hair finery of a magnificent Persian with great coat factor. Have you ever been at a loss for words to describe your cat's coat? Learn how best to describe the different coats a Persian can carry.
    September 2000

  • * Evaluating Proportions When Judging A Show Cat
    Part of being able to judge any breed of cat, is developing an eye for evaluating a feline's general proportions at a glance. This skill, combined with knowledge of the breed's standard, will serve you well in comparing individual kitties. Learn how to hone your ability to see the proportions of a cat at a glance.
    November 2018

  • * Evaluating Skin Conditions
    Learn how to use your sennes of touch, smell and vision to evaluate the condition of your cat's skin and coat.
    November 2007

  • * Examining Your Stud Cat's Equipment
    While a "delicate" topic, checking your stud cat's breeding equipment should be part of his general health and grooming check-up...
    July 2017

  • * Exercise Intolerance
    If a kitten displays unusual panting after a play time, it may be a symptom of exercise intolerance. Learn more about this warning sign of a possible problem.
    January 2015

  • * Exhibitors Responsibilities
    Do you know what YOU are responsible for when you enter a cat show? Check out the CFA show rules for Exhibitors, including the new rules changes for 2001..
    June 2001

  • Exotic Grands of Distinction in CFA
    In 2011, CFA instituted a brand new title the Grand of Distinction. The first cat to earn the new title was Exotic GC, GPD, NW Ivy Cat Quarterback in July 2013. This article tracks the Exotics that have earned this prestigious title to-date.
    October 2016

  • * Exotic National Winners in CFA
    The Winningest Exotics in CFA history!
    September 2002

  • Exotic Shorthair is TICA's 2006 Alter of the Year
    A Copper-eyed white spay earns the top alter spot in TICA for 2006!
    October 2006

  • * Exotics of Bryn Mawr
    For 25 years, Irene and Werner Kachel bred and exhibited outstanding Exotics in CFA. In 1978, Werner began judging and was a popular judge until health reasons forced him to retire in 1996. The progeny of Bryn Mawr Exotics continue to capture the hearts of exhibitors in show halls around the world.
    July 2000

  • Expecting Guests?
    It is always nice when you have friends over for a visit. What is proper feline behavior when you have company?
    May 2010

  • * Expiry Dates
    Medications, vaccines, diet supplements - they all have expiration dates that you need to take note of and respect.
    July 2017

  • Eye Color In Pointed Cats
    Understand why the eye color of pointed cats can vary from pale blue to deepest navy.
    February 2006

  • * Eye Medications
    A discussion of the options available in medications to promote healing of eye ulcers, sequestrums and other problems that can affect the eye.
    September 2003

  • * Eye Ulcers: Complex
    A complicated or complex eye ulcer is a serious condition of the eye.
    May 2003

  • * Eye Ulcers: Simple
    Eye Ulcers are a relatively common feline eye problem. Whether minor or severe, taking proper care of an eye ulcer is essential.
    April 2003

  • * Eyes Stuck Shut
    While not all kittens in the same litter open their eyes on the same day, if a kitten has still not opened its eyes several days after all its littermates have, you may need to intervene.
    April 2017

  • * Eyes Wide Open: Part One
    Few things are as frustrating as the cat who holds his eyes wide open at home but squints at the cat show. Fear not! There are ways to help your kitty show off his beautiful peepers.
    August 2017

  • * Eyes Wide Open: Part Two
    Learn which eye drops and eye washes work best to help your kitty's eyes stay wide open at the cat show.
    August 2017

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