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  • * D Basic Shampoo
    D Basic is a 'pre-shampoo' that gives stunning results, producing lustrous, sparkling show coats on a variety of breeds and coat types.
    November 2004

  • * Damages Clause In Your Kitten Contact
    Ever kitten/cat contract should have a damages clause that defines exactly what will be the consequences if the buyer breaks the contract. This article describes how to word the clause and legally protect yourself and your kittens...
    March 2012

  • GC, BW, NW Dandys Hey Jude of Ivy Cat & GC, GP, NW Ivy Cat Ice Breaker of GR8Katz
    CFA's 8th Best Cat in Championship for 2013-2014 is a cream spotted tabby male Exotic Shorthair named GC, BW, NW Dandy's Hey Jude of Ivy Cat. CFA's 7th Best Cat in Premiership 2013-2014 is a black Exotic Shorthair neuter named GC, GP, NW Ivy Cat Ice Breaker of GR8Katz. This is their story . . .
    June 2014

  • Dangers In The Home
    Whether you have a new kitten or an older cat, you will need to "baby-proof" your home to make it safe for your feline family...
    October 2010

  • IW SGC Dark Angel De Longua Aqua
    TICA's Cat of the Year 2015 is IW SGC Dark Angel De Longua Aqua. This stunning black tortie Persian from France was bred by Joel and Catherine Renaudin and is owned by Nathalie Decuzzi of Maneki Love cattery. Nathalie also campaigned a nine-year-old Blue Tortie & White Persian Spay named IW SGCA Altesse du Nid Douillet to TICA's 17the Best Alter of the Year. This is their story . . .
    August 2015

  • * De-Hair The House
    Whether you own one pet kitty or have a cattery full of felines, loose hair shed in the home is going to be an issue that will need to be addressed.
    June 2018

  • * De-Matting Your Cat
    With some care and a few tricks, you can de-mat your cat without sacrificing its coat.
    May 2004

  • * Deafness In Cats
    Just like with people, there are different types of deafness from which a cat may suffer. This article discusses both temporary and permanent hearing loss in cats . . .
    September 2013

  • * Deal-Breakers
    Every breeder needs to decide what might be a 'deal-breaker' in their breeding program — the line they are not willing to cross — the flaws in a cat that are unacceptable or the conditions in a contract that are non-negotiable. Learn more . . .
    February 2017

  • Declining Show Counts in CFA (Where Have All The Entries Gone?)
    In this article we will look at how many CFA shows were held each season and the number of total entries shown each season in the past decade. We also look at the numbers in North America compared to the numbers around the world. The results are very interesting . . .
    May 2013

  • Deco!
    A first time campaigner tells about her experiences with her Persian named Deco.
    May 2005

  • * Decontamination of a Cattery Following an Infection
    Once a cattery has experienced an outbreak of a contagious infection of any type, decontamination must become a priority. Learn the products and techniques to use to clean and disinfect your cattery.
    November 2016

  • * Deep Conditioning Coat Treatment For Your Cat
    Giving your show cat's coat a deep conditioning treatment is THE way to produce a silky soft coat on a longhaired cat — or a super shiny coat on a shorthair kitty. Once you've tried this grooming technique, you will never do without it again.
    August 2017

  • * Degrees of Cleft Palate
    Cleft palate is a birth defect that occurs in all breeds of cats. Sometimes it is a minor problem and sometimes it is severe. Photos of newborn kittens show you exactly what to look for.
    January 2016

  • * Dental Disease
    The majority of cats over five years of age have some form of dental disease, ranging from mild gingivitis to painful tooth abscesses and resorptive lesions. This article gives a general overview of the signs of dental disease and recommended treatments...
    January 2009

  • * DERMagic Shampoo Bars
    DERMagic is an eco-friendly company that produces effective, all-natural shampoo bars and solutions for treating skin problems and improving the coat on your kitty . . .
    November 2013

  • * Describing Your Cat
    When you evaluate your cat, can you descibe its strong and weak points?
    May 2003

  • * Developing A Relationship With Your Veterinarian
    Perhaps one of the most important and precious relationships you will ever have in your career as a cat breeder, is the one you develop with your veterinarian.
    June 2008

  • * Developmental Accidents
    Do you understand the difference between an inheritable mutation and a developmental accident? Learn the answer to this question and much more ...
    April 2010

  • * Dewclaws on the Hind Legs
    Occasionally a kitten will be born with dewclaws on its hind legs.
    January 2003

  • * Diabetes In The Cat
    Feline diabetes is similar to human diabetes. It occurs when your cat either doesn't produce or is unable to process insulin, a hormone that helps regulate glucose or sugar in the blood.
    May 2018

  • GC, DW Diapason Mitico Amore
    This is the story of how an Italian breeder's dream came true upon the birth of a gorgeous blue and white spotless van Persian. She named him Mitico Amore, meaning "Mythical Love" . . .
    April 2013

  • * Diaphragmatic Hernia
    A diaphragmatic hernia is a hole in the diaphragm that allows the abdominal contents to move into the chest cavity. It is the second most common type of hernia in cats....
    March 2009

  • * Diarrhea & Constipation
    Occasionally, your cat my suffer from either diarrhea or constipation. If either condition persists for more than a couple days, you should be concerned.
    January 2001

  • * Diet and Coat Color
    Can a diet be supplemented to improve coat color? Perhaps...
    November 2005

  • Difference
    A pet owner muses over the difference her cats have made in her life...
    March 2004

  • * Different Breeds are Different
    What is true for one breed, may not be true for another. When we talk about a breed other than our own we need to understand that different breeds are just that... different!
    April 2002

  • Different Kind of Cat Show
    While high profile dog shows such as Westminster are a regular part of television programming, we don't see cat shows on TV because they are not considered as entertaining to a general audience as a dog show. Could we mimic the successful dog show format
    November 2002

  • Different Opinions
    Do you know how to have a lively discussion with someone with the opposite opinion to yours—without it getting nasty?
    September 2015

  • * Difficult Birth
    A Siamese breeder shares her experience with the delivery of a very large kitten...
    December 2017

  • Dirty Nails
    An owner discovers 'gunk' at the base of her Persian's toenails.
    July 2018

  • * Dirty-Faced Nursing Kittens
    Have you ever noticed black specks that appeared on the muzzle of a nursing kitten? Do you know what serious infectious condition it might indicate? Do you know what to do about it? Learn the answers to these questions and more...
    March 2011

  • Disaster Plans To Include Pets
    New legislation will make provisions for the care and safety of pets in the event of another disaster like Hurricane Katrina.
    June 2006

  • * Disaster Preparedness
    What should you have ready for your cat's safety in the event of an earthquake, tornado, flood or storm? There is a comprehensive list of what you should have in your pet's 'emergency' suitcase, plus a recommended reading list.
    May 2001

  • * Discharge During Pregnancy
    If a pregnant female has a vaginal discharge during her pregnancy, it is a cause for concern, not panic...
    October 2018

  • * Dishwasher For Cleaning In The Cattery
    While most households boast a dishwasher, if you have a cattery, there are other options for using the dishwasher besides just cleaning plates.
    September 2018

  • * Disqualified Or Withholding An Award
    Do you understand the difference between a cat being disqualified and having an award withheld? Do you know the reason why a cat can be disqualified? Or why an award may be withheld?
    December 2010

  • DIY Cat Scratcher
    Blogger Mollie Shutt shares instructions and photos on how to create your own homemade cat scratcher using cardboard boxes and masking tape....
    February 2013

  • DIY Cat Toys
    You don't need to spend a lot of money on fancy cat toys. Mollie Shutt shows you how you can make your own cat toy inexpensively, using just a bit of felt and glue and a touch of creativity...
    March 2019

  • DIY Feather Cat Toy
    Mollie shows you how to make your own feather toy easily, inexpensively, and in just a matter of minutes.
    June 2013

  • DM History in CFA
    The title of Distinguished Merit celebrates its 25th anniversary in CFA...
    March 2006

  • DMs Receive Complimentary Inclusion in The Photo Gallery!
    Photos of cats who have earned the title of DM will be honored with free inclusion in the PandEcats Photo Gallery
    July 2005

  • DNA Blood Type Test
    UC Davis has developed a diagnostic DNA test to determine the blood types of cats.
    January 2007

  • DNA Test For Dilute Gene
    The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at the University of California, Davis adds a test for the dilute gene to their increasing list of DNA tests available to cat breeders.
    May 2007

  • DNA Test for HCM in Maine Coons
    The DNA test for the HCM gene in Maine Coons is now available - Good News for all breeds!
    January 2006

  • DNA Tests For The HCM Mutation In Cats
    Cat breeders can be confused about the subject of DNA testing for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). As of February 2014, two different DNA tests for HCM in cats — one for Maine Coons and one for Ragdolls. Neither test can be used to detect genetic HCM in other breeds. Learn more . . .
    February 2014

  • Do Cats Cause Schizophrenia?
    This article takes a statistical look at why a controversial article published in National Geographic suggesting a link between cats and schizophrenia may just be mass of misinformation .
    December 2005

  • Do you have what it takes to be a HERO?
    It takes a special commitment to help save our feline friends in distress. This is a tribute to people involved in feline rescue. Included is a large list of links to rescue organizations.
    July 2001

  • * Do's and Don'ts of Good Cattery Website Design
    Having your own cattery website is fast becoming as necessary as having a phone number. It is important that your present your cats as beautifully on the internet as in the show ring. To help you make some wise choices, we have collected and organized a list of tips to help you have the best website possible.
    May 2001

  • Does It Matter What You Name Your Kitty?
    Does your cat answer to its name when you call? Have you ever welcomed an older cat in the family that was already named, then changed its name? Does it really matter what you name your kitty?
    May 2017

  • * Doming
    Do you understand the concept of doming? Do you knowing how to evaluate the doming of your Persian or Exotic?
    July 2004

  • * Don't Bite!
    Have you ever been petting you cat and it suddenly turns around and bites you?
    November 2005

  • Don't Litter
    Is your benching area clean and tidy? Or are you a litter-bug at the show?
    February 2006

  • Don't Talk Baby Talk
    Recent scientific research suggests that your cat responds better to being spoken to in a normal voice...
    August 2011

  • Donegal's Tail of Two Kitties
    This Title Cat is the most uniquely colored kitty you will ever see. Registered as Donegal's Tail of Two Kitties, but nicknamed "Possum", the cat appears to be half Himalayan and half Tortoiseshell in coloring — and yet he is a male cat! Possum is a chimera — a cat that developed from the fusion of two different embryos into one individual. This is his fascinating story . . .
    September 2017

  • Donna Cook - A Lady Who Will Be Missed
    CFA has lost the quintessential Lady of Persians, Donna Cook of Jadon...
    June 19

  • Donna Davis
    On July 19, 2014, CFA judge and Siamese breeder Donna Davis passed away at the age of 76. CFA has lost a legend and the Siamese breed has lost one of its true grand dames.
    August 2014

  • Donna Norris
    CFA LH Judge, Donna Norris, passed away recently. She is a treasure lost.
    February 2005

  • * Dopram
    A few drops of this medication may save your newborn kitten by helping it take its first breath.
    November 2005

  • * Double Entering
    Entering two shows on the same weekend may be a tool you wish to employ to maximize the success of your cat's show campaign.
    September 2017

  • * Double Nails
    Occasionally, a cat will have two nails coming from a single toe. There are several reasons why double nails might occur, but it usually involves an anomaly that occurs during the development of the embryo.
    June 19

  • * Double Pregnancy
    Is it possible for a cat to be bred, become pregnant, then be bred again during her pregnancy and conceive again?
    September 2007

  • * Doxycycline
    Doxycycline is a broad spectrum antibiotic that is part of the tetracycline family. Doxycycline penetrates the cell tissues better than many other antibiotics.
    July 2014

  • Dreamer... and a Little Faith
    The story of an owner and a cat...and the journey they take together to overcome an incredible medical obstacle...
    May 2006

  • * Drooling
    There are a variety of reasons why your cat might begin to drool excessively - and some are very serious if left untreated. Learn how to tell if your cat's drooling is serious or not.
    December 2014

  • * Drowning
    Though an uncommon accident, do you know what to do should your cat be drowning? Doing the right thing may save your cat's life.
    October 2006

  • * Drugs? Mexico Style
    There are considerable savings and advantages that cat breeders can enjoy by traveling to Mexico to purchase some of the medications commonly used for the continued good health and maintenance of cats in a breeding program. You can even order drugs online.
    November 2000

  • * Dry Coat
    Mid-winter is often a time when your cat's coat starts to appear dry and develops dandruff. Here are some grooming tips to get it back into condition!
    February 2017

  • * Dry Eye In Cats
    Tears are essential to the health of the eye. Dry eye in cats is a condition in which the glands of the eyelids are unable to produce a sufficient volume of tears to lubricate and protect the eye, keeping it moist. Dry eye is a serious condition that can result in severe pain and blindness if it is not addressed quickly.
    February 2018

  • Dry Fur
    A new mat for the bottom of your cat's carrier is designed to keep your cat dry and clean during trips.
    October 2018

  • * Dryer Choices
    The hair dryer is probably the single most expensive grooming tool you will ever purchase for your cats. Before you buy, learn the best type of dryer for your cat's needs.
    September 2017

  • Drying Cabin For Cats
    Piet Broeders of Wooly Home Persians cattery shares the story of how he designed and created a drying cabin for his show cats, as well as scratching posts, multi-level cages and litter boxes.
    April 2016

  • * Dual Mothering
    Should you let two mothers share their kittens between them? Should you give a kitten from a large litter to a mother with a smaller litter to care for? Learn the pros and cons of dual mothering.
    July 2017

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