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  • * Aveda Hair Products
    Shampoos and conditioners made from pure plant extracts can produce great results on your cat's coat.
    October 2018

  • * Baby Shampoo For Your Cat
    While baby shampoo is marketed as a gentle product for human newborns, it can also be useful as part of your cat's grooming routine. 
    June 2016

  • * Basic H2
    Shaklee's Basic H2 is an environmentally friendly organic cleaner with a wide variety of uses. It can even be used to improve your show cat's grooming routine...
    April 2017

  • * Bay Rum For Grooming Your Cat
    Bay Rum is an old-fashioned barber shop tonic that can be used to add shine and volume to your cat's show coat. 
    January 2017

  • * Beer For Adding Body To Your Cat's Coat
    Shampooing or rinsing your cat in beer can add volume, texture and shine to your cat's coat!
    January 2018

  • * Biolage
    Matrix Biolage offers a wide range of human hair care products that are easily adapted for use in grooming feline coats for the show ring
    November, 2014

  • * Chris Christensen Grooming Products
    Although more known as grooming products for dogs, the cat exhibitor can also use this line of shampoos and conditioners to improve their feline's show presentation ...
    March 2019

  • * Clown Makeup
    Kittens have an intrinsically clownish nature that is much appreciated by their owners. But clowning-around isn't the only thing a cat might share with those classic buffoons of the circus... Some show cats have been known to wear clown makeup!
    April 2019

  • * Club Soda
    Club Soda can be used to reduce or remove both tear and urine stains in all colors of cats.
    April 2019

  • * Colored Grooming Powder
    Colored powders and chalks can be used to fine tune your cat's show presentation — but they must be applied properly and discreetly. Learn more.
    July 2017

  • * D Basic Shampoo
    D Basic is a 'pre-shampoo' that gives stunning results, producing lustrous, sparkling show coats on a variety of breeds and coat types.
    November 2004

  • * DERMagic Shampoo Bars
    DERMagic is an eco-friendly company that produces effective, all-natural shampoo bars and solutions for treating skin problems and improving the coat on your kitty . . .
    November 2013

  • * Dryer Choices
    The hair dryer is probably the single most expensive grooming tool you will ever purchase for your cats. Before you buy, learn the best type of dryer for your cat's needs.
    September 2017

  • Drying Cabin For Cats
    Piet Broeders of Wooly Home Persians cattery shares the story of how he designed and created a drying cabin for his show cats, as well as scratching posts, multi-level cages and litter boxes.
    April 2016

  • * Earthbath Cat Care Products
    Earthbath products are a line of all-natural pet care shampoos, conditioners and spritzes.
    April 2007

  • * Fluff-Out
    Looking for a product to add volume to your cat's coat? To keep the hair in place? To eliminate static? To add shine? You want Fluff-Out!
    July 2018

  • * Fuller's Earth
    Fuller's Earth can be used to help remove excess grease from coats, to dry a wet coat or to add fullness and body to the coat. Learn the best ways to use this excellent product.
    November 2002

  • * Goop Soup
    Goop is a popular hand cleaner that can also be used as a mega-easy-cat-degreaser when used in combination with shampoo. Learn how to make a superb one-step cat coat degreasing product we like to call GOOP SOUP.
    March 2016

  • * Groomer's Goop Degreaser
    Cat fanciers have been using "Goop" hand cleaner for years to degrease the coats of their show cats. Groomer’s Goop is an enhanced reformulation of the original Goop and is designed exclusively for the purpose of degreasing cat coats and removing stud tail. 
    July 2013

  • * Grooming Sprays
    The right spray can make a great addition to your cat's show grooming routine.
    June 2016

  • * Homemade Herbal Shampoo
    Here's the formula for a simple herbal shampoo you can make at home. Using this formula as a base, you can tweak it to make the perfect shampoo for your cat's coat.
    February 2017

  • * Horse Products For Your Cat
    Did you know that the folks who show horses have grooming products that work great on cats too?
    March 2019

  • * Infusium 23
    Great hair products to make your cat's coat full, silky and shiny.
    December 2002

  • * K-PAK Conditioner
    A Himalayan breeder shares her experience using K-PAK Conditioner by Joico to improve the presentation of her Himalayan . . .
    April 2014

  • * Les Pooch Shampoos & Rinses
    Grooming products used by cat exhibitors are often discovered in the world of the dog fancy. The latest popular shampoos and creme rinse is no exception. Check out the product line from the French company, Les Poochs . . .
    April 2013

  • * Malaseb Shampoo
    Malaseb Shampoo is a staple in the fight against ringworm in a cattery situation. It can be used as a maintenance shampoo in the cattery as well as a preventative treatment against ringworm.
    May 2014

  • * Medicated Shampoos
    Whether your cat needs a shampoo for dry irritated skin, or to kill fleas, or to deal with a fungal infection, choosing the right medicated shampoo can improve your kitty's problem ...
    November 2009

  • * Nioxin Hair Products
    Want your cat to have more hair? More volume? Thicker hair? Nioxin manufactures a line of human hair products developed specifically for thin or thinning hair that you may want to consider adding to your cat's grooming routine.
    October 2015

  • Packing With EW Grooming Powder to Reduce and Prevent Eye Staining
    Learn the best techniques for 'packing' your cat's eyes to prevent or reduce eye stains.
    June 2002

  • * Petsilk Grooming Products
    Petsilk grooming products feature a wide range of shampoos and rinses formulated with all natural silk fibers and herbal extracts.
    March 2005

  • Pink Solution
    This Canadian-made cleaning product has some unique uses including addressing skin problems in the cat.
    October 2007

  • * Under Eye Cream
    Bio-Groom under eye cream is another useful tool in the groomer's arsenal.
    November 2006

  • * Vinegar
    Vinegar, a commonplace product in most households, has a wide variety of uses in a cattery situation, from a grooming aid to a cleaner, from a flea killer to an aid to discourage spraying behavior.
    May 2008

  • * Wetting Agents
    If you struggle to get your cat's coat completely wet from the skin to the hair tip when giving it a bath, perhaps you need the help of a good "wetting" agent...
    March 2019

  • * What To Look For In A Dryer For Your Cat
    Once you decide on the style of dryer you want to purchase for your cats, your next consideration is choosing the exact make and model that will suit your needs. This article discusses the various specifics to look for including technical details such different powers, air flow rates, temperature controls and special options.
    October 2017

  • * Whiter Than White
    Look in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room for products to make your white cats whiter!
    November 2017



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