Title Trio: Happy Halloween 2017

This Issue Published: Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Black Cats & Halloween
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The image of a black cat with arched back is every bit as much a part of Halloween as the little ghouls and goblins that ring doorbells shouting "Trick or Treat." Have you ever wondered how black cats became part of the Halloween myth?


"Ghost" Markings On A Kitten
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"Ghost" markings refers to the faint tabby pattern that can sometimes be seen on the coat of a black or blue kitten of any breed. Learn more . . .


Show Grooming A Black Cat
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This article discuss everything you need to know about a black cat's coat. Learn the best "tricks" to presenting your black cat to purrfection . . . 


Fever Coat
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Something cat breeders see from time to time, especially on black kittens, is an unusual hair color change called 'Fever Coat'. What is it? Why does it happen? What can you do about it? Learn the answers to these questions and more . . .


Stop Your Cat From Ruining Your Furniture
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What do your do if your cat is destroying your furniture? Do you punish the cat? Ban the kitty from the living room? Or do you just live with furniture that looks like it was attacked by a furious weed-eater? This article will provide you with some answers.


Dogs In Costume
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Cat owners are not the only ones to dress their pets up for Halloween . . .


Black Cat Luck
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Cats that are black are of course neither lucky or unlucky. A cat of any color is just a cat and cannot influence fortune . . . unless you believe it can.


Blast From The Past

Famous cats from the 1970's to the 2000's...

This week's star is:

GC, NW Carolot Starr Dust
Black Persian Male
CFA's 24th Best Cat 1990-91


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